How We Categorize: Most Walkable
Most Known For: The now-demolished (and very missed) "Fort Worth Beer Can House"
Location: West 7th Area
Zip Code(s): 76107


You could practically hear the tears falling on the tin cans when developers demolished the famous Fort Worth Beer Can House at the corner of Whitmore and Currie streets in Linwood last year. But twas also the sound of development. After rising from the rubble of two major floods and the 2000 tornado, many Linwood homes have finally succumbed to the growth surrounding them, but a handful of small colorful cottages remain among the construction...for now. And while some homeowners were disappointed to lose the battle to keep apartments and townhomes out, it’s hard to ignore the beauty of modern new townhomes looking across the historic Jesse D. Sandoval Park toward downtown.

“It doesn’t feel as contrived as some of the other new builds because it does have a historic feel,” says Mary Carolyn Gatzke with Briggs Freeman.

Architectural Design in the above photo via Conrad Homes

Numerous developers are still in the process of erecting multi-family residential housing where low-income duplexes used to be, including Village Homes and Fort Capital. The area has become increasingly walkable over the years, thanks to the number of businesses that have flocked to the West Seventh corridor. Retailers are also popping up to the south, thanks to locally owned M2G Ventures. The company owns 4.5 acres of land and old warehouses adjacent to Linwood. Its vision for the space, which it coined The Foundry District, will result in even better walkability for Linwood residents. Its adapted reuse of old warehouses, plus two funky murals and a plan for an outdoor art gallery coined “Inspiration Alley,” is already home to numerous consumer-friendly spots including M&O Station Grill, Feathers Boutique and City Surf Fitness. Jonathan Morris, owner of Fort Worth Barber Shop, also announced in February that he will open a men’s grooming supply store in The Foundry District this year, proving that plenty of the cool kids and concepts are setting up shop in this area.