How We Categorize: Hidden Gems
Most Known For: Its picturesque and leafy landscape
Location: North Fort Worth, North of Downtown
Zip Code(s): 76111


While Oakhurst is a sure up-and-comer, thanks to proposed improvements for the Six Points Urban Village, as well as The Scenic apartment complex currently under construction, it’s already a hidden gem with a picturesque, leafy landscape that lines neighborhood streets. The residents keep up with it, too – the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association has a beautification committee that plants flowers, trims trees and puts care into the neighborhood’s aesthetic. And while the area as a whole has a quaint, old-time feel, Oakhurst isn’t far from the big city. In fact, glimpses of downtown can be seen from the houses along Yucca Avenue.

The area has plenty of older homes built during the 1920s and 1950s, but since the neighborhood doesn’t have a historic overlay, homeowners often apply for historic designations individually. Oakhurst Neighborhood Association President Kathryn Omarkhail says newer homes are valued at around $400,000-$500,000, while older homes run at around $150,000. Getting a house in the Oakhurst area isn’t easy though, Omarkhail says, as homes that get on the market are often sold quickly. But those who do find a house in Oakhurst will be part of a neighborhood that prioritizes community involvement and activity. “It’s a tight-knit neighborhood,” she said. “We know our neighbors here.”