How We Categorize: Holding Value
Most Known For: River Crest Country Club
Location: West Fort Worth
Zip Code(s): 76107


The 76107 zip code carries the highest average household income in the Fort Worth area, and much of that is thanks to homes in what is commonly referred to as Rivercrest (the neighborhood is technically named Crestline).

Surrounding River Crest Country Club, this neighborhood benefits from close proximity to downtown while also providing a quiet place to raise a family. The first house was built in Rivercrest in 1911, and the area took off in 1917 and 1918 when leading oil men chose it for their home sites. That trend has continued for the last 100 years. Most streets are lined with beautiful homes, but the most awe-inspiring sit on Crestline Drive on a bluff overlooking the river with striking views. Those homes almost never hit the market, but they are what real estate dreams are made of.