West Meadowbrook


How We Categorize: Hidden Gems
Most Known For: Large lots and tall trees
Location: Central Fort Worth, East of Downtown
Zip Code(s): 76103


Heading east along Interstate 30 toward Arlington, you’ll find Meadowbrook, a quaint, woodsy neighborhood with tall trees and proximity to plenty of recreational spots like the city-owned Meadowbrook Golf Course, Oakland Lake Park and Tandy Hills Park. Even the dogs have space to play – just north of the highway is Gateway Ball Park, which is home to one of Fort Worth’s only two dog parks, Fort Woof.

The neighborhood itself has a cozy feel. The lots are large, and the architecture isn’t cookie cutter. Longtime resident Wanda Conlin, who sees Meadowbrook as “the next Fairmount,” says that since houses are older and not valued as high, residents can take advantage of lower property taxes. Meadowbrook is also not far from Nolan Catholic High School, known for its esteemed athletic and academic programs, and a children’s library is also being planned for East Lancaster Avenue, set to open in 2019.