Oil & Gas

Issues regarding energy sources and disputes between landowners and energy companies.

Attorneys whose names are in BOLD type received 20 or more nominations from their peers. Attorneys who are in BOLD ITALIC type received at least 10 but fewer than 20 nominations.

Elizabeth Babb

Prichard Bevis

Bill F. Bogle

William G. Bredthauer

Jamie Bryan

Eric Camp

Jeff Grable

Robert  Grable

Meg Guerra

Charles B. Harris

Timothy Howell

Raymond Kelly

Jeff King

Tim Malone

Mark M. Matula

Michael Moore

Aaron  Moses

Pat Murphy

Mark Oliver

Adam Plumbley

Shawna R. Rinehart

Clark Rucker

Bart Rue

Todd Spake

Katey Powell Stimek

James Strawn

John Thompson III

Paul B. Westbrook

Rafael Ylanan