Personal Injury – Plaintiff

Issues pertaining to proving a defendant is liable for the plaintiff’s injuries and responsible for monetary damages.

Attorneys whose names are in BOLD type received 20 or more nominations from their peers. Attorneys who are in BOLD ITALIC type received at least 10 but fewer than 20 nominations.

Garette Amis

Mark Anderson

Seth Anderson

Wade A. Barrow

Bruce Beasley

William Berenson

Bob Bodoin

George Boll

Geno Borchardt

Ricky J. Brantley

Art Brender

John Cummings

Dwain Dent

Preston Dugas

J. Patrick Gallagher

Robert Haslam

Wesley M. Hightower

Greg Jackson

John Jose

Darrell Keith

Robert Kisselburgh

Steven C. Laird

Steve Maxwell

Kent McAfee

Avery McDaniel

Mike McGartland

Chris Medlenka

Stephen Mitchell

Chuck Noteboom

W. Bradley "Brad" Parker

Jim Ross

Todd Smith

Jason Stephens

Randall Turner

Roger "Rocky" Walton

Rick Ward

Natherral Washington

Patrick Woodson

Coby Wooten