Anderson Plastic Surgery & MedSpa

#15 Best Company to Work For - Small Companies

What they do: Plastic surgery, with emphasis on cosmetic plastic surgery, melanomas and reconstruction after cancer, with offices in Fort Worth and Weatherford. MedSpa, attached to the Fort Worth office, offers a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments.

Employees: 16

What employees love: Anderson and his wife, Janie, started the practice and MedSpa out of a desire to teach others how to take care of their skin. “Protect your investment,” he likes to say. Employees have access to Dr. Robert Anderson’s surgical services and spa treatments. The office also has regular catered lunches; team-building activities; fit challenges; flexible hours; compressed work week allowed by scheduling; bonuses; and happy hours. The compressed work week is particularly at play in the spa, says Lauren Duke, Anderson’s business director. “People like to come after hours or on Saturday,” she says. “That provides a natural flex scheduling.”

Cool benefit: Anderson offers his surgical services free of charge to employees after three years of service (employees pay extra for any facility charge outside the clinic and anesthesiology). After 90 days of employment, employees use the MedSpa for treatments, injections and products, paying for the products, but not the service. Anderson also removes moles or possible skin cancers for biopsy as needed. “He always has our best interests in mind, like a concerned father,” Duke says.

“I have never worked in such a compassionate, collaborative environment. Decisions they make for the business, the future of the company, the daily culture, are all built on the foundation of our family. They value our input and encourage groupthink. I can recall sitting across from Dr. Anderson in a team meeting four years ago, and I noticed his eyes were focused on my right forearm. After a few moments, he asked if I have always had that brown spot. I said ‘yes,’ but I think it has gotten bigger over the years. His response was, ‘before you leave today, I want to remove that and get a biopsy, just in case.’ He always has our best interests in mind, like a concerned father. At Anderson Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, we invest in our team, our culture, our skills, and our future through training and development, team building, events and group celebrations. The goal is to grow a team of individuals who care as much about our patients as Dr. Anderson does. The result is this incredible group of men and women who have a deep-rooted pride knowing we work for the best and deliver the best care to every patient we see. If we can’t help them, we set them up with someone who can.”

- Lauren Duke, Business Director