Apex Capital Corp

#14 Best Company to Work For - Small Companies

What they do: Freight factoring company serving the trucking industry

Employees: 225 Fort Worth, 243 companywide, with remainder in Memphis

What employees love: Family celebrations like Oktoberfest; liberal policy for employing family members, so long as there is no supervisory relationship; generous education reimbursement; profit-sharing; additional time off for meeting wellness challenges; on-site gym; yoga area; biometric screenings; game room. Company has committed 1,200 hours so far this year to cross-training and job-shadowing program.

Cool benefit: $15,000-per-year tuition reimbursement to full-time employees. Can you say MBA? “Our owner and president, David Baker, feels very strongly about allowing employees the opportunity to improve themselves and, in the process, improve Apex,” Shelley Goodrum, the chief HR officer, says. “We currently have 21 employees taking advantage of the program, and we are on track to pay out over $100,000 this year. We also offer the benefit to employees who work part-time. Their reimbursement is set to the federal tax-exempt level of $5,260.” Apex also pays for certification classes, exams, and re-certification classes for those in specialized fields, such as accounting, HR, and IT.

“Apex gives each employee the ability to find their true passion. Personally, I gained the knowledge I needed through Apex’s tuition reimbursement program, which assisted me in completing my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. From there, I cross-trained within Apex to determine which role was most in line with my interests. Over the years, I have held positions in many departments. This foundation helps me succeed in my current role of account executive, which I absolutely love. I am very thankful to have found Apex and look forward to all that my future holds within this amazing organization!”

- Aeron Lopez, Account Executive