And the Winner is...

In church this past Sunday, the sermon was on being responsible with your finances. One of the illustrations used was where people were going to lunch after church. The scenario was that a small group that had started the conversation with going to IHOP ended up at Silver Fox. This impulsive decision tripled the amount they were going to spend. I happen to know that our pastor is a fan of Silver Fox, so it wasn’t a knock on the steakhouse but a lesson on self-control.

Eating out too often is one of the top ways families blow their household budgets. Truth is, we all have vices and, just like any bad habit, these vices can be hard to break. However, if you don't try to break them or cut down, they will continue to blow your budget and make it harder to pay expenses.

So, for you foodies who need a little help with maintaining your monthly budget so you can experience your next Del Frisco’s visit with less guilt, this issue is dedicated to you. Our research found that there are numerous lower-cost, eating-out options in the Fort Worth area if you know where to look. Our Cheap Eats feature starting on page 52 provides you with 30 of the most fabulous yet frugal meals Fort Worth has to offer, all under $10.

My favorite dish in this feature story is the Super Reuben sandwich at the Swiss Pastry Shop (our cover shot). If you thought the Swiss Pastry Shop was just famous for the Black Forest Cake, think again. There is a full breakfast menu that rivals any diner in town, and with a comprehensive soup and sandwich menu, the place packs them in for lunch too. The Super Reuben is a hefty 7-ounce serving of corned beef, with just the right amount of sauerkraut, covered with melted Swiss cheese on a toasted rye bun. For those who aren’t that ambitious, the regular Reuben comes with 4 ounces of corned beef.

To say that Fort Worth’s culinary scene has grown is an understatement. It has exploded. From downtown Southlake and Weatherford to West Seventh and Camp Bowie, new restaurants are opening in record numbers. With so many new eateries to experience, you will not want to miss our 2012 Culinary Awards starting on page 67, where we give you the skinny on the top three winners in 66 categories from best after-theater dining to best wine list. If you’re a foodie or just trying to find a decent restaurant in Fort Worth, this article is the must-read that you’ll refer to again and again.

Whether you’re looking for great food on the cheap or need to know where to find the best restaurants offering farm-to-fork menus, we’ve got it in this issue. Happy dining.