Art of Giving Awards 2014

Art of Giving Award Winners 2014 The ladies share their philosophies about civic responsibility or what this award means to them.

The Art of Giving Award is bestowed on women who have enriched lives and improved livelihoods through their dedication to community, organizations and/or a specific philanthropic cause. They are chosen because of their exceptional generosity, civic responsibility and leadership in the community.
    This year we are honoring five women from Fort Worth, five from Northeast Tarrant County and five from Arlington. Each of these women received the most votes and stood out in the hearts and minds of the community and their peers.

 Thanks to these ladies for their generosity and undying passion to positively influence the lives of others. North Texas is a better place because of them.


Joy Ann Havran
Community Volunteer/CPA
“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something to help our community and citizens. For those to whom much has been given, much is expected. The most difficult and emotional task I have ever undertaken was to raise the funds to endow my late son’s, Barrett Havran, Little Steps Big Futures Programs of Big Brothers Big Sisters. To be recognized for this work is most special as it reaffirms this community’s support of my mission that was to perpetuate Barrett’s beautiful memory while helping others.”

Leslie Milan Johnson
Retired Teacher and College Advisor/Community Volunteer
“I believe that each of us, regardless of circumstance, has a responsibility to support the community in which we live. I feel that I can best offer that support through action - volunteering for organizations close to my heart, teaching the next generation of community leaders and collaborating with others on new approaches to community problems. I am a doer at heart and am never happier than when I’m actively involved in a worthwhile endeavor.”

Olivia Kearney
Fundraiser/ Community Volunteer
“I deeply believe we are created to serve, and we cannot realize our true purpose without serving. The Art of Giving Award is a huge honor, and I am so grateful to be with the other incredible recipients, who are the definition of giving. Fundraising is challenging even on the best day but so rewarding when you can be a small part of the giving experience.”

Amy Yudiski
Director of Charities Shale Exploration/TXO/Community Volunteer
“I think you need to help your community in every way that you can. Fort Worth is my home, so I want to help and make it the best possible community I can. I am very humbled by this award with these other fabulous women in the community. This award means so much to me and [I’m] just honored to be recognized.”

Brook Small Whitworth
Frost Wealth Advisor/Community Volunteer
“I have been a community volunteer since I was a teenager. When I joined the bank, community involvement was encouraged and supported. So I have been active individually and as a bank officer. We feel it is our responsibility to be involved and give back….I honestly feel that we all have the responsibility to make our community better, and the way to do this is to be involved.”


Cheri Hendrickson
Community Volunteer
“I just feel it is important to help where I can and find that it is very rewarding. I have made lifelong friends along the way. I am extremely honored but feel that there are so many others that should share [the award]. I don’t do anything alone and am astonished that I am one of the ones selected.”

Monica Mainard
Sales and Marketing/Community Volunteer
“I believe God instilled in us the desire to give…whether that is the gift of our love, time, money, talent, etc. I believe we all were born to give and work together to better our communities. To whom much is given, much is expected. I am humbled and honored and surprised [to receive the award]. I feel the need to recognize the many others who selflessly serve our communities in so many different capacities – formally and informally, corporately and personally, visibly and invisibly.”

Terri Messing
Manager of Two Non-Profit Arts Projects
“I have always thought it is important to give back to the community and am fortunate to be able to do this in my chosen field. I appreciate the recognition but am most pleased to know that Apex and the arts are gaining recognition in the community.”

Tammy Nakamura
President Natico Interests/Public Relations Accent on You Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medi-Spa/Community Volunteer
“You have to do it at some level. What I tell everyone when they see me coming and they say, ‘How much do you need, Tammy?’ I say, ‘Well how much do you have as God giveth and you sharith?’ Awards are very nice, and I appreciate the thought and gesture, but most of my friends who do this do it out of the goodness of their hearts, not to get the award. But it touches my heart to think that I have worked these long years and am now rewarded.”

Renova Williams
Retired Air Force Military Personnel Officer/Community Volunteer
“I learned from my mother. She called it ‘caring and sharing.’ I feel obligated to share my blessings and experience by helping and mentoring wherever I can. The volunteers I know do not work the hours they do for the awards, but to me the highest level of award is recognition by our peers. I am personally acquainted with (and friends of) many of the past Art of Giving award winners and the other honorees this year. I am proud and humbled to be a part of them.” 


Rebecca Barksdale
Community Outreach, Tarrant County Precinct 3
“There’s a great quote by Ruth Smeltzer: ‘You haven’t lived a perfect day until you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you.’ I believe we should always give without any expectations, but I also believe people have an innate desire to pay it forward. A few years ago, there was an elderly man in a very dire situation who received meals from Metroport Meals on Wheels but couldn’t afford to pay. After he had been on the program for over a year, we received an envelope with a crumpled $5 bill from him in response to our Christmas campaign. It was his version of the Widow’s Mite – he wanted to do all that he could to help someone else…to pass it on.”

Tillie Burgin
Executive Director Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex
“I am humbled to receive this award.” Tillie works in the ministry in her free time and thinks the biggest motivator for people to become involved in their community is because of the “prompting of God.”

Kay Duggan
Retired Executive of an Estee Lauder Company/Community Volunteer
“Civic responsibility is critical to a successful democracy. It is our duty to contribute to society and take action to improve the lives of others. Altruistic intentions create, elevate and sustain an enlightened culture. I am honored and humbled to be receiving an award that describes the recipients as women who possess exceptional generosity, civic responsibility, leadership and enriching the lives of others. Thank you for including me with such an inspiring and accomplished group of women.”

Lori Lane
Instructor at Oakridge School/Community Volunteer
“I believe in service above self, excellence in everything I do and being a person of unquestionably high integrity. Our community is only as good as we are. It is our responsibility to give back and in turn teach all segments in our community the value of personal responsibility. Each person was put on the earth to serve, and when put in positions of leadership, we must lead first by example.”

Mary Ashworth Phillips
Civic Leader/Part-Time Technology Consultant
“Use your God-given abilities to help others who need support. No matter how big or small the effort, you can make a difference in a life by giving of yourself. To be included in this group of outstanding women and the previous honorees is something I will treasure forever. This honor is my daily inspiration to work harder. Thank you for the trust you have placed in me.”

Information on the Feb. 27 luncheon can be found HERE.