Best of 2014

Life is abundant on this side of the Metroplex … and the people best able to judge the best place for just about anything are the readers of Fort Worth, Texas magazine.

Each year we ask you to tell us what you think are the best places to shop, play, drink and eat in a variety of categories.
     This year, we received more than 4,000 votes across all the categories. We added those votes up, surveyed them as a staff and maybe added some of our own and created this list. You’ll find old favorites here, but you will also find some new places and experiences that our readers like.
     Once we have the final list, we check to make sure that the locations mentioned are still in business and the website addresses and telephone numbers are working. That means that we call every one of them.
     We’re sure that there are worthy places missing, but here are the final picks as determined by the readers and the editors of Fort Worth, Texas magazine. We can’t vouch for the places we haven’t personally visited, but we trust the readers.
Click on a category below to see the winners.

Dine And Drink