Up Close and Underground

Whiskey Folk lead singer, Tyler Rougex, discusses new members, new sounds and a new studio.

I know you have gone through several bassists; how did you find your current low end? Jack, our current bassist, was actually like a Whiskey Folk Ramblers fan. He would come to our shows and hang out with us, and we got to know him – we all got along and we became good friends. Well, we found out he played bass, so we talked him into joining the band, and he ended up being awesome. It was totally rad! He was at our second show ever, and he kept coming around so we made him be our bassist. His wife actually forced him to, because he didn’t want to at first! It was hilarious.

What was it like recording The Lonesome Underground? It was a whole lot of fun actually. It was a different recording experience than we had had with previous albums. It was all done in-house, from the band. We started recording it in 2011, and we have almost an entirely different band now, so we completely started over. We found out that our guitarist had been recording bands as another job, and we had no idea. We heard one of the bands he recorded and it sounded great, so we thought, “Well, let’s have you record it!” So we started doing that, and in the process, we changed drummers, and we found a new drummer that was ALSO a recording artist. So we recorded pretty much the entire album between their houses. It came out a lot more professional than the atmosphere surrounding the recording would seem to have allowed.

How do you drink your whiskey? Ice, water or neat?  Well, the only time I put Cola in my whiskey is if I really need the caffeine... and the liquor. Normally, I don’t like to ruin my sodas though. I drink whiskey on the rocks with a bit of soda water, or lately I have been making Old Fashioneds at home.