Couture That’s Contagious

We’re taking notes from an expert on fashion with a Southern flair. Texas native, Jessica Ramos of S.I.C. Couture, tells us about her designs and what to watch for this season.

What does S.I.C. stand for, and what is the significance behind it? S.I.C. stands for sexiness is contagious. When I came up with the name, I started out thinking of the woman I’m designing for and wanted to incorporate the word sexiness in there somewhere, and it just came to me! It is a registered trademark and is the foundation of our brand at S.I.C. Couture.
How did your journey as a fashion designer begin? My dream really began in high school. I have always been a creative person and enjoyed clothing and sewing and decided to focus on fashion design. I studied fashion design at the Art Institute of Dallas as well.
Where do you find inspiration for your collections? It comes from all sorts of resources. It can be a color, a picture or a pattern. It can even be a place or a setting. I think of where the S.I.C. Couture woman is going next. I always have to have a little Southern influence also!
What is the most thrilling aspect of starting your own fashion line? I would say it is the ability to have creative freedom and freedom of expression. I wanted to tell a story through my clothing line, and it is a way of communicating who I am to people. I get to communicate my vision to everyone out there.
What is the most challenging aspect of your job? There is definitely a certain level of vulnerability in the fashion design process. When I’m designing, I am constantly asking myself: “Are people going to like these clothes? Will they understand my vision? Are they following the story line I’m communicating?”
What has been your most exciting accomplishment so far? One of the biggest accomplishments was when I saw my design in US Weekly! Another big accomplishment was when Bethenny Frankel wore my dress to her book signing.
Tell us about your newest collection. My newest collection has a very Americana feel. I started out doing cocktail dresses only, and this season I started offering separates by adding a blazer, a skirt and a vest. This season’s collection is very menswear inspired.
What is your favorite fall/winter trend this season? I love the menswear influence. Every season I like to blend masculine and feminine features to my looks.
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- by Callie Johnston