On the Downhill Side

The exterior brickwork finished, concentration on the 2012 Fort Worth, Texas  Dream Home shifts to interior finishing.

Dream Home partner Fort Worth Lumber Co. is a city icon that can trace its history back to 1893 and the H.H. Hardin Lumber Co. on East Terrell Street.

Most of what the company brought to the Dream Home project is covered up now by brick and sheetrock, but it is at the core of the structure.

“We strive to provide only quality products to the custom homebuilder,” said Jeff Elms. “We are honored to have been chosen to work on the house. It is always a great thing for us to be included in a group of fine professionals.”

The house tour benefits the American Heart Association and that, too, is important.

“Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women,” he said. “Since we are woman-owned and operated, it is a charity we think very highly of.”

The house is being built in Riverhills, part of the legendary Edwards Ranch, and that figures into the plans of David Rolston, owner of David Rolston, Landscape Architects. He says an area of expertise for him is creating “a gardening look with drought-tolerant plants that doesn’t fall into just the West Texas desert look. We are North Texas — the prairie, yes — but not the arid prairie or desert.”

The American Heart Association connection also is important.

“My brother, five years younger than I, had a quintuple bypass,” Rolston said. “I think about that as I exercise every day. I now love exercise. I’m 57 and have an 11-year-old girl and want to stick around and enjoy all that brings.”

With people building closer to the center city, it becomes important to create a retreat atmosphere, he said, and a beautiful garden just minutes from downtown does that.

That North Texas climate Rolston mentioned comes into play for Jeff Phillips of Phillips Lawn Sprinkler. His job is straightforward, and he’s been doing it since he established the company in 1969.

Placement of the sprinkler heads is critical to adequate coverage and the property and plant layout. And, Phillips said, the point is to water in an efficient manner.

Work on the interior was also underway in Decatur, home of Grandeur Design, where the items for the Dream Home were in the final phases of production in late June.

“All the draperies and bedding are currently being manufactured on our site location where Grandeur has its own workroom for all production,” said Susan Semmelmann. “The colors selected are all light, airy and fresh and, most importantly, current and inviting for the participants in the tours to see.”

Brenda Blaylock said the design firm team is very excited about the project and looking forward to the opening and tours.

“The majority of the shipments of goods going in the home have arrived and are awaiting installation in late August,” Blaylock said. “We have worked hard at making this home a Dream Home, yet a practical living environment to appeal to everyone.”

Todd Brock of Aaron Ornamental Iron Works says his company’s participation with Dream Home projects is “habitual at this point.”

The company’s metal products are fabricated to enhance the appearance of any structure “while serving the utilitarian purpose of providing safety or security,” Brock said. For this home, Aaron is providing an iron fence and a driveway gate with an opener.

“It’s always a pleasure to do these things,” Brock said. “We get the warm fuzzies knowing that such a prominent publication as Fort Worth, Texas magazine regards us as a top iron fabricator and always contacts us when the yearly Dream Home project rolls around.”

Eddie Lesok of Advanced Cast Stone Inc. says his company’s product is often used in large quantity in most projects ACS works on.

“In this case, the opposite occurred with the fireplace providing a focus to the room. It is always rewarding to see one element such as a fireplace surround change the character and excitement of a room,” he said.

“A Fort Worth Dream Home is much more significant than a dream home in other cities,” he said. “Advanced Cast Stone and its employees live and work in the area. Community pride has drawn ACS to this project. The home is also spectacular.”

Where: 3824 Riverhills View Drive
Benefiting: American Heart Association Tarrant County
Tour Dates: Sept. 26 - Oct. 28
Times: Wednesday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Sundays, noon - 5 p.m.
Admission: $10