Dreaming Big

The DreamVision Company recently announced its development of two of the largest theme parks in the world, with one being here in Fort Worth.

Heads of the Fort Worth-based corporation held a press conference in early February to shed more light on the surprise announcement. DreamVision CEO and Chairman Rick Silanskas as well as Chief Creative Officer Ron Logan spoke on topics such as the estimated opening date, employment figures, new details on the park and additional venues to be added during development.

The DreamVision Company will build two parks: one in Fort Worth to be situated on approximately 5,000 acres and the other in Muscle Shoals, Ala., which will cover 1,400 acres. In addition to the theme parks, each location will include golf courses, water parks, hotels, theaters, concert venues and retail outlets.

According to DreamVision, both parks will be built at the same time, a feat that has never been done by a single company. —Jessy Diamba