Fall Fashion Camp

| by Courtney Kennebeck | photography by Alex Lepe |

Crisp, chilly days are right around the corner, and there is no better way to celebrate than hiking into the wild blue yonder with some fashion-forward friends. For many, the thought of roughing it and sharing the great outdoors with wild animals may set the heart into a panic, but that was before Chanel began making boots you can wear for hiking. It seems this fall that all designers are embracing the wild side and layering on outdoorsy trends such as beautiful fur vests, plaid patterns, shearling coats, suede, fringe and all the cashmere you can possibly imagine. The line between casual and formal has been blurred. Oversized sweaters and down-filled jackets will keep you warm and beautiful whether climbing mountains or strolling in Sundance Square. BONUS: Scroll to the bottom to view the fwtx video of the fashion photo shoot.

directed by Jennifer Casseday-Blair and Craig Sylva/photography by Alex Lepe/photography assistant, Cole Allen/style assistant, Holland Sanders/video by James Verheyen/intern, Kristine Lu/hair and make-up, Lemongrass Artistic Team, Brittany Tedder, Taylor Coleman, Kelley Upton/models, Emily Deaver, Ashley Lacamp and Hannah Lacamp/special thanks to Texas Parks & Wildlife for giving us permission to shoot at Lake Mineral Wells State Park/extra special thanks to Bob and Sharon Casseday for the use of their camper and equipment for preparation during the shoot

Tom Ford sunglasses, $395, Model’s Own
Vintage Frye boots, Model’s Own
Half Moon sweatshirt in white, $64, Athleta, athleta.com
Chelsea and Violet mirrored embroidered shorts, $78, Dillard’s, dillards.com
Vince cream sweater, $375, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Tory Burch fringe suede bag, $595, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Belts worn as necklaces, $18 each, Beehive, lovebeehive.com

Torn by Ronny Kobo white dress, $242, Maven, 817.731.8545
Brunello Cucinelli sequined sweater, $2,655, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Joie fur vest, $798, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Belt with front gold clasp, $22, Beehive, lovebeehive.com
Metolius climbing gloves, $36.95, Backwoods, backwoods.com
Gold and crystal necklace, $18, Conrad Creative, conradcreative.com
Coordinates Collection bracelets, horizon ft. worth, $137 small, $160 thick, Maven, 817.731.8545

Bulldog leather messenger bag, $189, Urban Outfitters, urbanoutfitters.com
Black hat western flat brim, $39, Urban Outfitters, urbanoutfitters.com
Velvet suede and shearling vest, $178, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Nell red plaid top, $171, Maven, 817.731.8545
Audrey sweater around waist, $45, Beehive, lovebeehive.com
Lauren by Ralph Lauren cristo jean shirt, $69, Dillard’s, dillards.com
Theory army green pant, $255, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
John Hardy cuff bracelet Classic Chain collection, $1,295, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Ippolita sterling silver turquoise double 5 stone bracelet from Rock Candy collection, $450, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Rolex ladies stainless steel 31mm 18k white gold fluted bezel, $7,350, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Lagos sterling silver turquoise double fluted pendant Venus collection, $550, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Lagos ball chain 34-inch necklace, price on request, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Ippolita sterling silver and turquoise doublet teardrop earring, $550, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Ippolita sterling silver turquoise constellation ring from the Rock Candy collection, $495, Haltom’s, haltoms.com

Glamorous dress, $68, Beehive, lovebeehive.com
Equipment plaid red shirt, $258, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Blu Pepper black sweater cardigan, $58, Maven, 817.731.8545
Chanel black tie-up boots, $1,650, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Smartwool grey socks, $23.95, Backwoods, backwoods.com
John Hardy multi-row bracelet from Bedeg collection, $1,295, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Lagos lapis doublet bead earrings from Maya, $295, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Ippolita flat hammered sterling silver bangle Glamazon collection, $295, Haltom’s, haltoms.com  
Ippolita sterling silver flat hammered with diamonds from the Stella collection, $695, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
John Hardy dome ring from Bedeg collection, $495, Haltom’s, haltoms.com 
Wide engravable pewter cuff, engraving included, $25, Haltom’s, haltoms.com

Brunnello Cucinelli sweater grey cashmere and fine tulle underlay cropped sweater, $3,065, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Ralph Lauren red sleep boxers, $28, Dillard’s, dillards.com
Jack green anorak jacket, $95, Beehive, lovebeehive.com
Gold fringe necklace, $24, Urban Outfitters, urbanoutfitters.com

Helmut Lang navy open-hole sweater, $345, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Rag and Bone white tank top, $70, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Polo Ralph Lauren orange baseball cap, $35, Dillard’s, dillards.com
Cashmere Crave sweater in moss green, $178 Athleta, athleta.com
Kuhl army green durango pant, $75, Backwoods, backwoods.com
Marco Bicego 18k yellow gold necklace 36-inch from the Savigila collection, $3,060, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Marco Bicego 18k yellow gold necklace 39-inch from the Savigila collection, $3,620, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Holy Zaves horn necklace, $153, Maven, 817.731.8545

Canada Goose blue down coat with fur trim, $695, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Joie grey sweater dress with flip skirt, $288, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Brunello Cucinelli fur collar necklace, $775, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
John Hardy sterling silver knot Buddha belly from classic chain collection earrings, $350, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Lagos turquoise doublet ring from Venus collection, $495, Haltom’s, haltoms.com
Lagos wide bracelet from Signature collection, $1,095, Haltom’s, haltoms.com

Joie fur vest, $798, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Felt Panama hat, $39, Urban Outfitters, urbanoutfitters.com
Bell sleeved blouse, $54, Conrad Creative, conradcreative.com
Ralph Lauren belt, Model's Own Roly Poly striped stovepipe jeans, $25, Beehive, lovebeehive.com
Valentino boots with studs, $1,495, Neiman Marcus, neimanmarcus.com
Signature 8 dress with fringe, $45, Beehive, lovebeehive.com
Spike bib necklace, $38, Urban Outfitters, urbanoutfitters.com
Leather and metal pendant, $48, Urban Outfitters, urbanoutfitters.com