Fort Worth’s Most Beautiful Women 2014

To outsiders, Fort Worth, Texas, is all about big hair and big accents. But we know better. This year’s nominees for Fort Worth’s Most Beautiful are no different. With so many women nominated by their peers, narrowing the list down to 20 for reader voting was a 10-gallon-sized task. So hats off to all of our 10 finalists, crowned based on both inner and outer beauty, along with thousands of reader votes. The common thread? They’re all leaving Cowtown a more poised, happier, more compassionate and—naturally—more beautiful place each and every day.

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Age 26
Designer and Blogger at The Blissful Bee
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Amy Walton has never been one to sit back and let the world happen around her. From DIY projects around the house to photography and writing, the 26-year-old Houston native has always chosen to keep busy with new projects involving the things she loves; luckily for the rest of us, one of those things happens to be helping others.
   A graphic designer and Web developer by trade, Walton turned her passion for interior design into a successful blog called The Blissful Bee, through which she helps readers create beautiful homes on a tight budget. “While it might not sound like much,” she shares, “I very much enjoy connecting with my readers and helping them create their own happy home.”
   For Walton, that happy home includes her husband, to whom she looks for humor and support and with whom she first began building a life in Fort Worth. “Ever since we moved here, it has felt like home,” she adds. And it’s no wonder. The small town/big city feel of Cowtown means there are always plenty of activities to satisfy her outgoing nature, but it’s cozy enough to tip your hat to the folks you care about most.


Leather Vest with Raccoon Collar, $429; James Zipper Cigarette Jean by Genetics, $242; Jess Top by Splendid/Ella Moss, $165; Old Gringo Elina Brass Boots, $585; Virgins, Saints & Angels Castle Earrings, $165; Turquoise & Leather Cuff Bracelet by Love Tokens, $363; Native American-Made Oval Green Turquoise Ring, $73

Age 31

Public Relations & Social Media Manager at Concussion

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If Claire Bloxom-Armstrong had a mantra, it would be this: “A woman’s most beautiful outfit is her charisma; prettiest accessory is her smile; and best pair of heels is her confidence.” Boy, is she wearing those heels.
   At 31, Bloxom-Armstrong has achieved a lifetime’s worth of good work and good deeds. She found a career that doesn’t feel like work, and she serves the public relations industry both locally and nationally. She actively supports Fort Worth Young Life, the Buckets and Boots Foundation, Communities in Schools, the American Heart Association and the Child Study Center—among others. And she lives and breathes Fort Worth, for its cowboys, its performing arts, its museums, its lack of pretension and, of course, its people.
   When she’s not working or serving, Bloxom-Armstrong loves to travel, sip Pinot Noir and coach her fantasy football team (though not necessarily all at the same time). She also says 2013 has been the best year of her life. So what—after getting married, honeymooning in Antigua and becoming a homeowner this year—is she looking forward to most in 2014? Calm. And being the most loving, supportive and encouraging wife, daughter, sister and aunt she can be.


Short Sleeve Animal Top by Splendid/Ella Moss, $137; Shya Cigarette Jean by Genetics, $205; Old Gringo Red Mayra Boots, $505; Double Hoop Copper Earrings by Rocki Gorman, $75; Copper Cuff Bracelet by Rocki Gorman

Age 26

Leasing Agent for Lincoln Property

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To Audra Winter, a beautiful person is someone who really stands for something and who makes everyone else feel more loved and happier while doing so. She lives up to this standard every day, whether she’s roaming a flea market with her husband and two dogs, meeting friends for two-stepping at Billy Bob’s or being the world’s best aunt to her niece and six nephews. Along the way, she teaches them a little about courage—something she’s very passionate about (along with country music, of course).
   “In a world that seems to care less and less all the time, it is very important to stand for something and just try to do more good,” she says. One of the things she stands for is giving back, which is why she donates monthly to Lincoln Charities, providing for families who suffer catastrophic events such as a house fire or death of a spouse.
   Good looks and good heart aside, Winter considers her best feature to be goofiness. “I think it makes everything in life and in relationships more fun and more meaningful when you can laugh at yourself,” she shares. We couldn’t agree more.


Bella Dahl Western Dress, $176; Love Tokens Triple Cross Necklace, $1,089; Love Tokens Turquoise and Bronze Feather Necklace, $451; Rocki Gorman Repose Silver Bracelet, $892; Rocki Gorman Circle of Life Turquoise Bracelet, $715; Rocki Gorman Bonita Earrings, $395

Age 36
VP, Strategy Director and Luxury Practice Lead for iProspect
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As a child, Andrea Wilson wanted to be Wonder Woman: a smart, beautiful superhero who worked for the CIA, had a great wardrobe and was admired by all. Today, you might say she’s met that goal. Except for the whole CIA thing.
   Wilson lives in Fort Worth with her husband and two children, whom she hugs no less than 20 times per day. She works for a global digital advertising agency, cheers on the Horned Frogs any chance she gets and isn’t afraid to dive into an ocean full of great white sharks. But what truly makes her a superhero is her drop-everything, non-glory-seeking generosity.
   In addition to serving as a mentor for the UNT Professional Leadership Program, Wilson supports Union Gospel Mission, the Cook Children’s Neuroblastoma program, the Warm Place and, of course, TCU athletics. And she asks for nothing in return. To her, beauty means giving something you have to benefit others (whether it’s time, advice, entertainment, money or all of the above) “simply because it makes others happy.”
   At the end of the day, Wilson leaves Fort Worth better than it was before. That’s a superhero we can get behind.


Rabbit Vest with Hood, $394; Big Star Chevron Jean, $128; Biya Deborah Blouse, $210; Andrea Barnett Necklace Six Bronze Medals, $218; Andrea Barnett Necklace Bronze Lattice Cross, $100; Pearl Earrings, $80

Age 39
Nonprofit Executive
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Kai Stansberry is the change she wishes to see in the world.
As an executive in the nonprofit field, she has spent her entire career working tirelessly to fight homelessness, promote mental health awareness, support community development and educate about heart health. She spends as much time as possible with her daughter, Lia, and also loves rollerblading, surfing, biking and writing. And she wakes up every morning challenging herself to be the best person she can be.
But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. At 31, Stansberry lost the most influential person in her life—her father—to cancer. She admits to being thrown off balance but has truly taken his lessons to heart: Live her best life with relentless drive and tenacity and do her part to change the world.
“I believe the bumps and bruises we experience in life can help others heal, while at the same time adding beautiful layers to our own life tapestry,” she says. “That’s true beauty.”
We think her father would be proud.


Kippy’s Tatoo Overlay Jacket, $2,629; Equestrian Designs Ponti Legging, $165; Old Gringo Mayra Boots, $505; Love Tokens Cross Necklace, $198; Round Silver Edge Earrings, $158

Age 28
Capital Campaign Manager, Meals On Wheels, Inc., of Tarrant County
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It has been said that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, Ann-Maree Harrison has done exactly that—and she is passionate about a job that provides not only for her, but also for others.
   As capital campaign manager for Meals on Wheels in Tarrant County, Harrison helps provide hot meals—as well as a friend and support system—to those who need it most. And she does it because she loves her community.
   “I truly believe it is a privilege to live in Fort Worth, and I want to do whatever I can for it,” she shares. So far, that means feeding the hungry, mentoring students at underprivileged schools and inspiring young girls to be “strong, smart and bold” through her involvement with Girls Inc., Women of Influence.
   But Harrison also believes in balance, which leaves her time for working out, hosting Sunday dinners, traveling and spending time with her husband. So what is she looking forward to most about 2014? Reaching her goal of providing 1,500,000 meals for those who are homebound. Oh, and motherhood.


Floral Beaded Dress by Biya, $350; Rocki Gorman red coral earrings, $350; Rocki Gorman 3 coil silver bracelet, $300; Native American-made 3 strand Sterling silver Navajo pearl necklace, $2,300; Cordova Turquoise Ring, $440

Age 27
Events Manager for the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame 
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If there’s one thing that epitomizes Grace Beck, it’s a love of learning. From the top of a Mayan temple to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and back, she can’t get enough of new longitudes and latitudes—along with the people in them.
“We gain AND give from interacting with one another,” she shares, detailing her passion for building relationships at home and abroad. And she doesn’t discriminate. To her, beauty is all about embracing your uniqueness, knowing that there’s no one out there exactly like you.
So what makes Beck unique? In addition to her love for rainbow sprinkles, yoga and great patios, she is extremely giving. Every year at Christmas, she helps feed the homeless at her church, a tradition she has held dear for 27 years. And she always slows down to hold the door for strangers.
For someone who seems to have a lot of things figured out already, Beck is most excited about what she doesn’t know. “I jump out of bed … with a smile on [my] face and head out to see what the world has to teach me,” she says. That’s a lesson worth learning.


Language Slit neck Tunic, $169; Multi-turquoise Bonita Earring by Rocki Gorman, $395; Rocki Gorman Many Stone Multi Turquoise Cross Pendant, $460; Rocki Gorman Circle of Life Blue Turquoise Bracelet, $708

Monica Balbo
Age 28
AVP of Business Development at Pinnacle Bank
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Despite being voted one of the 10 most beautiful women in Fort Worth, Monica Balbo is very good at seeing beauty in other people. It started at a young age—sympathizing with kind-hearted Belle from Beauty and the Beast as she saw through a monster the way no one else in town could. Today, she finds it in her friends, her family, her garden and the city she’s known since birth.
   She prides Fort Worth for its sense of community, and she loves connecting with neighbors—whether that means cheering on her alma mater (go Frogs!), volunteering or just giving directions to a stranger. Success, she believes, is all about the determination to overcome obstacles by doing our best. And while she’s achieved plenty of that in her own right, she also pays it forward. By serving on the Make-A-Wish Foundation Regional Council and the Wish Upon a Par golf committee, she’s empowering children to overcome life-threatening diagnoses—a true game changer.
   According to Balbo, beauty comes from the inside out, and a simple smile can make anyone’s day better. Lucky for us, that’s one of her best features.


Bell Sleeve A-Line Dress, $39; Love Tokens Amethyst With Guadalupe Turquoise Cross, $550; Double Turquoise Ring by Running Bear, $330; Round Earring on Wire, $26

Age 23
U.S. Marine Corporal Crewmaster on C-130s; model for The Campbell Agency
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As both a U.S. Marine and a model, Sara West has learned to appreciate different kinds of beauty. But stunning sunsets and flawless faces aside, she believes kind words and courageous actions are the most rare—and most valuable—form of beauty. Influenced most by her grandfather, also a Marine, she recalls fond memories of his telling stories while showing her his scars and bullet wounds.
   Descended from Cherokee Indians, West prides herself on her adventurousness. “I love to spend time in nature,” she says, “camping, hunting, surviving without the luxuries we are used to.” A typical weekend includes skeet-shooting, singing at church, baking homemade apple dumplings, drinking beer with the guys and, in typical Fort Worth fashion, two-stepping.
   And she still finds time to give back. In addition to walking in runway shows to benefit charity, she has volunteered with the Special Olympics and Toys for Tots—not to mention how much she gives by simply putting on her uniform every morning. If her goal each day is to benefit those around her, then she’s successful—whether she’s donning Marine fatigues or an Oscar de la Renta gown.


Patxi Dress, $420; Yippee Yi Yay Diabolina Boots, $295; Maverick Congress Black Felt Hat, $275; Feel the Bead Handbag by Mary Francis, $310; Love Tokens Amazonite & Snake Necklace, $385; Turquoise Earrings, $48

Age 31
Attorney at Brown Dean
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For many little girls, looking up to Miss America on the silver screen is something of a rite of passage. But for pageant-queen-turned-lawyer Lynn Alexander, beauty pageants have always been about much more than hand waving and high heels.
   Alexander began baton twirling at the age of 3, when she (very precociously) learned important life lessons about being honest, working hard and owning your faults. Today, that kind of work ethic undoubtedly helps her succeed in a fast-paced law career, and she thanks her coach for teaching her how to carry herself with confidence.
   “She not only taught me how to walk, talk and act like a lady,” she says of coach Vicki Ray, “but she taught me that no one was going to hand me anything on a silver platter, so I better get out there and fight for what I want.” And what she wants is to share her story, time and talent with others.
Growing up, Alexander was insecure. But through her involvement with SafeHaven of Tarrant County and the Miss Fort Worth Scholarship Organization, she passes on the lessons from her pageant days by teaching girls that there’s more to beauty than being “the pretty one.”


Kippy’s Jacket – Corsete Jacket with Beaver Collar, $3,630; Portia Top, $97; Virgins, Saints & Angels Palace Earring, $158