10 Sources for the Perfect Antique Rug

Keep these local and national names on hand for the next time you're on a rug hunt.

Finding the perfect antique rug for your space can be a bit like finding out that unicorns are real. Often color schemes, sizes, wear and tear, availability, timing and stars have to align to score the right fit. Save these 10 shops to your sources and increase your chances of landing a match.

1. salaberna, etsy.com/shop/salaberna
Etsy can be a goldmine for vintage rugs, which leads to an overwhelming search. Turn to salaberna, owned by Mustafa and Fatma King, for more than 500 Turkish rugs in a variety of sizes and color schemes.

2. Chairish, chairish.com
Think of Chairish as the best garage sale you have ever been to, and then add 14,000 rugs. The price point depends on the individual seller, but customers can search by color, price, style, and even location to avoid shipping costs.

3. ABC Carpet & Home, abchome.com
Visit New York City’s quintessential home décor and carpet store in person if you can make it to the Big Apple. If you can’t, swoon over the Turkish, Persian and overdyed selection online.

4. Kilim Studio, kilim.com
Search by type, style, size and age on kilim.com. The brother-sister duo behind Kilim Studio has offices, stores and warehouses in New Jersey and Istanbul, Turkey.

5. Amber Interiors Shoppe, shoppe.amberinteriordesign.com
This shop from a Los Angeles design firm has a small but rotating selection of vintage rugs. It’s expensive, but the rugs are in great condition.

6. Bear Goods, instagram.com/beargoods
This East Fort Worth-based e-commerce shop, originally founded in a Brooklyn apartment, hunts unique treasures and home décor goods. An online shop is set to launch soon, and customers can shop on Instagram until then.

7. Caitlin Wilson, caitlinwilson.com
If bright colors are what you seek, Caitlin Wilson might have your match. The interior designer launched her e-shop in 2007 with a penchant for color and pattern.

8. Celadon, celadonathome.com
Located just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, Celadon carries mostly 4-by-6-foot rugs and yastiks (rugs for sitting). Celadon buyers fly to Turkey to hand-select one-of-a-kind vintage rugs.

9. 1st Dibs, 1stdibs.com
Customers must sign up to shop and see prices, but registration unlocks a world of high-end antique rugs from seasoned collectors.

10. Historic Camp Bowie Mercantile, 7200 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Excuse me for a moment while I make this one personal. Located in the traffic circle, this local antique market is where I once scored a perfectly worn 27-foot runner for a steal.