A Collected Exterior

Kaufmann Outdoor Spaces

We end this issue where we started it — outside. Outside the home of Charlotte and Houston Kauffman specifically. There are so many beautiful outdoor spaces in this home that it’s impossible to fit the images within the confines of a 10-page story. Part courtyard, part exterior hallway, this is what visitors see when first arriving to the breathtaking residence. The home was built in 1986, and though the Kauffmans resurfaced the flooring, the columns and overgrown wisteria are original. The beautifully manicured grounds are by local landscape design firm Fowlkes, Norman & Associates.

Four tall sculpture pieces by Aspen-based artist and ceramic sculptor Barbara Sorensen hang on the brick. Her art can be seen again hanging above the exterior dining table. When you have a place to hang art outside, you know you’re doing something right.

Photo by Nathan Schroder