Emily and Bobby Lynge

Owners of Grow Plant Shop

Owners of Grow Plant Shop

Emily and Bobby Lynge are the embodiment of the new, funkier, I’ll say it … younger Fort Worth. Emily, 26, a former manager at Beehive clothing boutique, and Bobby, 27, a former guitarist for the Christian metalcore band Fit for a King, decided to open Grow Plant Shop after entrenching themselves in the landscaping of their first home purchase. “We started landscaping when we bought our house over in Ryan Place, and it never stopped. I just wanted to keep going,” said Bobby.

The irony of a nursery, a store that’s all about planting roots, located inside of an Airstream trailer, a structure that’s transient by nature, is not lost on this writer. Nor is the fact that millennials probably adore that irony and the photo-ready Airstream that the couple bought off of Craigslist. After a remodel, the Airstream took up residence on a grassy lot next door to La Zona and formally opened in July. And, well, let’s just say Instagram went wild.

But Grow is more than just a social media magnet — these owners know their stuff too. The first time I arrive at Grow, Bobby is answering 10-plus minutes worth of questions lobbed at him by a well-dressed, twenty-something customer about the plant she just purchased, as well as plants she already has at home.

And then we swooped in with more questions.

The pink tile inside the airstream has been a hit. You have to tell us more about it. The floor was so hard! The vision was definitely Emily’s. It’s called Nola Pink, and we got it from Riad Tile in Southlake. She showed it to me, and I was like no brainer. The contrast from the white to the green to the pink is so simple and so easy. We get a lot of compliments on it.

Bobby, you traveled to the Pacific Northwest a lot in your previous job. Can you explain how that region has influenced Grow? I was fortunate to be able to stop in and shop at some of my favorite plant shops [in the Pacific Northwest] and soak in an aesthetic that I had never seen before. The horticultural community is strong [there], and I found this extremely inspiring and was filled with an excitement to someday expand Fort Worth’s greenery. Granted, 240 square feet is a bit of a micro-addition, but luckily this is only the beginning for Grow Plant Shop. 

What kinds of plants do y’all specialize in? We specialize in plants for the modern plant enthusiast. Low maintenance, visually striking, tropical and rare plants are what we like to fill our Airstream with. 

For those who don’t have a green thumb, what’s a good gateway plant or starter plant? One of our automatic go-tos is the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia). It can tolerate nearly any light level and likes an easy watering once a week. 

What’s each of your favorite plant in the shop? We both have the same favorite plant: Monstera deliciosa. It’s a showstopper that only gets better with age. 
Longest running plant in your own home? That would be our four-year-old Monstera deliciosa. We planted him right after we got married and moved into our home. He has been split up and repotted several times now and is truly the gift that keeps on giving. 
Any plans for expanding the inventory?  This fall, we’ll be fully stocked with a variety of pumpkins and seasonal outdoor foliage. 

What’s the most common question y’all get in the store? One. “What do you recommend for a spot that doesn’t get a ton of light and doesn’t need much water?” Our go-to recommendations are snake plants and ZZs. Two. “Can you help me save my fiddle leaf fig tree?” The answer is always yes.