Lighting Up Our Dream Home

Eclectic art-inspired lighting brings modern character to a Spanish Transitional Home

Any designer will tell you that lighting can make or break the feel of a home. The combination of natural, accent and decorative lighting all play a role in whether a room portrays an intimate or uptight vibe, and it all starts with a fixture.

While each room’s light fixture in Fort Worth Magazine’s Summer Dream Home is unique to the individual space, the design finds unity by adhering to the sleek, modern theme found throughout the home. Located at 2017 Granada Trail, the five-bedroom, five-and-a-half bath Spanish Transitional stands at two stories and 6,700 square feet, creating ample opportunity for a variety of fixtures.
And now, we turn on the lights.

1. Ceiling Light by Fiori
The fixture in the Dream Home’s upstairs bedroom is a prime example of having fun with lighting. The ceiling light is inspired by Dale Chihuly, a Washington-born glassblower known for his bold, extravagant sculptures that often appear bunched, intertwined and interacting with light. His work has reached places like the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago. The fixture consists of hand-blown glass petals, reminiscent of the artist’s works like the “Three Graces Tower” (2016) in the Atlanta Botanical Garden and “Fiori di Como” in Las Vegas’ Bellagio resort. Borrowing a concept used similarly with “Fiori di Como,” the petals surround the light source. However, unlike “Fiori di Como,” the overabundance of color is out of the picture, replaced with clear glass petals for the purposes of a bedroom. In this case, petals are distributed evenly to create a sphere around the light. The result? Light distributes through the petals (which are made from Murano glass imported from Italy), creating an eye-catching reflection on the nearby wall.

2. Double Pendants by Elan Zanne
Dramatic fixtures made from clear, hand-formed glass light the island in the Dream Home’s kitchen.

3. Anello Lights by Kuzco Lighting
$1,000-$2,000 each
The Dream Home’s living room is lit by three circular LED pendant lights that illuminate from the circle’s interior. The exterior is finished in walnut, bringing warmth to the modern design. The lights are intentionally not uniform – Ferguson lighting manager Shannon Nogar grouped three different sizes of lights, while the lights themselves feature uneven breaks between each circle, almost mimicking a feeling of movement.

4. Sedona Triple Chandelier by Tech Lighting
The Dream Home dining room breaks away from the traditional dining room chandelier with a take on a “deconstructed modern chandelier.” Twelve smoke glass orbs hang from three different pendant branches, creating a layered look.

5. Artemis Fan by Minka-Aire
Many designers will steer clients away from ceiling fans, but gamerooms, like the one in the Summer Dream Home, are often places where the function of a fan is important. An elegant Artemis Ceiling Fan by Minka-Aire manages to achieve both form and function. Aerodynamic blades optimize air distribution, and the LED light in the center produces a reflective, metallic sheen on the fan’s liquid metal finish.