These six mobile apps save executives time and money.

Time is money, and these mobile apps will help you save more of both.

Stayful. Dropping into a city and need a hotel room? Load your city, budget (budget, mid-priced, and premium), and dates of stay into this app, click “I’m Ready,” and it displays what's available along with “best online rate,” from cheapest to most expensive.

Evernote. Among the most popular apps, Evernote works with all devices, allowing users to organize notes, photos, lists, and more in one location. The photo feature shoots perfect pictures of documents, business cards, and images, allowing users to email or text them.

ChefsFeed. On the go in a city where you’re not familiar with the restaurants? ChefsFeed collects restaurant reviews from chefs. If you’re dropping into the Bay Area and want to see who’s recommending what, pop in San Francisco, push the button, click on a restaurant and see what the chefs’ feedback is.

Feedly. Not what it sounds like, this app allows you to aggregate your favorite digital media sources, by category and name. Love VentureBeat? Open it up in the app, and its posts populate in easy-to-navigate form.

Skyscanner. Looking to jump a plane at the last minute? Try this app, which allows you to search and book fares to your destination by date, class of service, and one-way or roundtrip. The app also has an easily navigable feature that shows you what the cheapest fares are by date from your desired airport of departure.

Favor. Busy at the office and want to order in food? Try this app, which has just recently busted onto the Fort Worth scene. Order from its selected restaurants, by featured promotions or what else is on the menu. Order something the restaurant is out of, and you’ll get a text from your eager Favor driver, offering to find you something else. Can’t find the restaurant or store you want? “Order anything,” the app says, and your Favor driver will find it. A seemingly open-ended feature of the app is “Essentials,” which has Walgreens and a few other offerings now, but in the future bears watching to see what pops up. Open an account with your credit card, and pay your bill, including service charge and tip. Entrees On-Trays, a Fort Worth delivery favorite, also has its own mobile app. - FW Inc. staff