Commerical Real Estate Groups and Events to Prep For in 2019

Real Estate Networking

You’ve got to network to be successful in commercial real estate. The Society of Commercial Realtors and Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth offer significant opportunities to stay connected.

Commercial developers, people with property to sell, and those wanting to invest all look to real estate professionals to make their deals work. In Tarrant County, two organizations routinely provide networking opportunities to help their members serve their clients. One is the Society of Commercial Realtors, whose members’ status in their own industry is elevated because of the strict educational and ethical requirements to which they must adhere. The second is the Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth, a group of professionals involved in the commercial real estate industry who advocate for positive economic development. Both organizations are great assets.

Created specifically to offer networking, education and deal-making opportunities for the commercial real estate practitioner, SCR offers the strength of the National Association of Realtors, while focusing exclusively on the commercial real estate industry. It is independent and adheres to the code of ethics of NAR as administered by the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors.

The Real Estate Council differs, as its membership is not limited to real estate brokers and agents. It includes developers, general contractors, law firms, financial institutions, insurance agencies, architects and engineers. Members are both large and small businesses, coming together to help shape positive growth. 

The common denominator for both groups is “networking.” The Real Estate Council makes big news every year when it hosts its annual industry forecast. For example, more than 600 people listened attentively to the presentations during its 2018 forecast that included data and analysis of Tarrant County rates nationally and what can be expected in the next 12 months or so in the retail, industrial, office, and single-family and multi-family residential markets. Everyone who is interested is encouraged to attend where undeniably great networking will occur.

On the other side, SCR is looking forward to its annual December breakfast featuring an economic forecast from Dr. Mark Dotzour, attended by more than 350 commercial real estate professionals.

SCR is also preparing for its 2019 Annual Expo that spotlights local economic development corporations and their community initiatives, major developers and affiliated businesses in the North Central Texas area.

As with the real estate forecast, this event is an opportunity to learn. Subject matter as presented by the exhibitors includes new developments in the region, the opportunity to identify sites for upcoming projects, and networking with commercial Realtors and professionals in the industry. Attendance is free and open to anyone involved in commercial real estate including agents, brokers and persons looking for sites.

What is the power of networking? Zig Ziglar says, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Most of us in the real estate industry can see his wisdom.

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By Wayne Burgdorf, Chairman, Society of Commercial Realtors