Day In The Life: Oilman Jon Brumley

4:45 a.m.

Start waking up. Grab hold of Becky, my wife, until 5:00. Get up at 5:00. Becky fixes breakfast (granola, berries, and Canadian bacon), and I am in charge of coffee. Talk and read paper while eating. Do brain exercises after breakfast.

6:30 a.m.

Outside on walk with dogs.

7 a.m.

Meet Jose Oviedo to talk about ranch and cattle. Jose pretty much works on his own.

8 a.m.

Leave home.

9 a.m.

Office. Chisholm Trail has helped make drive more enjoyable. Listen to Willie’s Roadhouse until they play one bad song; switch to Bloomberg business and national news. Catch up on emails, and visit with team individually. We only have 10 including me.

10 a.m.

Key meeting. All of company, one key outside consultant, and son Jonny Brumley (board member and investor) attend meeting. Discuss and determine offer on acquisition opportunities. We have made over 1,000 offers in 3 years, and I have had my hands and eyes on all but seven offers. In some ways, it is a hands-off company, and in some ways, it is incredibly hands-on. Various officers and employees report on financial status, revenue status, cash flow status and operational status.

11 a.m. - noon.

Pilates three days a week.


Have lunch with Michael Mazur, chief operating officer and partner, nearly every day.


Flexible, can meet with lawyers, consultants, auditors, etc. Write a letter to granddaughter at camp. Usually contemplating and working on strategy or doing valuations. Keep important decision-making time for morning; feel better in morning. Try not to schedule anything heavy late in the day.

5:30 p.m.

Leave office.

6:30 p.m.

Home, dinner around 7. Last look at emails when I get in the house. If I need to address them, I do before dinner. Sometimes I cook on grill and sip a bourbon, but mostly Becky cooks. Eat at home nearly every night.


Becky and I discuss both of our days, hers at RedOak Books and mine at Bounty. Discuss family, plans coming up, etc. We take a walk, pick peaches, or harvest tomatoes in evening. Play with and train bird dogs. Have limited social life. Do not do business breakfast nor business dinner. We do not have a TV in the house, so we read a lot.

9 p.m.

Lights out.

1 a.m.

Wake up. If Bounty is working on anything strategic, I email everyone latest thoughts. Many of my best thoughts come to me at 1 am.

“We have made over 1,000 offers in three years, and I have had my hands and eyes on all but seven offers.” – Jon Brumley