Day in the Life: Robbie Briggs

Briggs Freeman CEO on The Demands of Juggling a Growing Firm, Family and The Need to Recharge

5:45 a.m. I awake fairly rested, but sleepy. It’s Wednesday. I take a long shower and dress in a suit and tie. My wife, Nancy, is awake, and I give her a kiss before my first cup of coffee.

6 a.m. I read Oswald Chamber’s daily devotion and about 30 minutes of a Bible reading plan.

6:30 a.m. I call my friend and mentor Rick via Skype in Beijing for our weekly conversation and prayer time.

7:30 a.m. I spend about 20 minutes talking with Nancy. She will head off to lead a group of women in a weekly Bible study. I will head to the office for our weekly management and marketing meetings.

“My role at the company is to set vision, be a rainmaker, network globally with top brokers and support our agents.”
– Robbie Briggs

8:30 a.m. Some weeks, it’s our whole management team. Today, it’s our executive team and sales managers. This includes me, our CFO, CMO, in-house counsel and seven managers that cover our 10 offices and 400 agents. This week, we are meeting in our new West 7th Street office.

We make plans for the upcoming Sotheby’s day of training in November, where we will host brokers from around the country and have the leadership of Sotheby’s International Realty roll out new programs and global opportunities. Each manager gives a report on office productivity, profitability, activities and issues.

10 a.m. The sales managers are excused to face their busy days.

11 a.m. - noon. After the dismissal of the executive team, I spend the end of the morning with the marketing department. The marketing director brings initiatives for my approval. We watch a few videos we have created that week for social media, websites and movie theater advertising.
Lunch I usually have a long lunch with a good friend or conduct business at a favorite establishment.

Afternoons I usually spend all day in Fort Worth on Tuesdays and Friday. This afternoon, I head to our Southlake office. An agent wants me to meet them at a property they’re trying to list in Vaquero. My role at the company is to set vision, be a rainmaker, network globally with top brokers and support our agents. I do not list or sell.

5:30 p.m. Traffic is bad going home. Nancy and I live in Dallas during the week. One of the reasons I’m in Fort Worth now every Friday is after work, we head down the Chisholm Trail to our property in Bosque County.

7 p.m. If we’re home, we might Skype with one of our five grown children. One family lives in China, Oregon, New York, Fort Worth and Austin.

9:30 p.m. I crawl in bed.

2 a.m. Many nights I awaken, and my mind is racing. In the wee hours is when I send lengthy texts and emails. Then I will head back to bed for two or three more hours.