Mentoring the Millennials

Real Estate Council reaches out to millennials with mentoring and professional development.

By Karen Vermaire Fox
Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth

You’re 25 and just starting your career in commercial real estate. Where do you find the additional skills and mentoring you need to enhance your career? From the Real Estate Council, of course.

What does REC have for the millennials that is different from everyone else?

The Real Estate Council is all about mentoring – so much so they offer an annual mentoring series each fall. This four-lunch series is offered to a class of 30 young leaders who attend one lunch a month to learn from leaders in the community.

Not only does the class get to hear from real estate professionals and community leaders during the lunches, each attendee also has the opportunity for one-on-one mentoring and professional development.

Of course, REC mentors say they get just as much from these mentoring opportunities as the young leaders do. This is a win-win for all involved.

Leadership and networking are also key components available to young real estate professionals. Young leaders can serve on the Steering Committee and help lead and direct the focus of the organization.

Leaders plan everything from the mentor series, to professional development classes, to community service and networking events.

Want to roll up your sleeves and learn more about how the industry works? The YLC Steering Committee might be just the place for you to do that. 

With over 100 young professionals as members, young leaders also have chances to give back and actually put their skills into action.

Each fall, YLC members plan a little bit of fun as a means for giving back with their work on the annual Dodgeball Tournament.

Teams of real estate professionals play dodgeball not only for the glory of winning the top trophy, but also as means for supporting public education.

In the past, they have donated money to local Fort Worth ISD elementary schools. This year, funds raised from the September 22 tournament will benefit the new library at the Presbyterian Night Shelter and fund YLC participation in Leadership ISD. 

To further put their skills into action and learn about all aspects of the development, the young leaders developed a new program they tested in the spring of 2016. Think “Shark Tank” meets the Fort Worth Panther, and you will understand the Panther Den event.

Groups of young real estate professionals from various aspects of the industry were teamed together to plan and present a development project to a set of judges.

The group with the best project presentation won glory and recognition from the judges. 

“The Panther Den was a great learning experience for all involved,” reports Casey Tounget, YLC Steering Committee Chair.

“Many of us only know one segment of the market. Working on a team to present before judges taught us how others think when they are looking to develop something. It was an excellent learning experience, and we are already starting to plan next year’s Panther Den.”

The mission of the Real Estate Council is to serve as a unified voice for the commercial real estate industry, influencing action and supporting change to accomplish long-term job growth and enhance the quality of life in Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

“We are committed to mentoring our millennials,” says Michael Bennett, chair of the Real Estate Council. “Their input into our growth and development is vital to the future of Fort Worth.