Gear Up

A behind-the-scenes look at local media guru Erik Clapp’s favorite gadgets

With a resume that boasts ADDY and TELLY awards, a film featured at the Hollywood Film Festival, and multiple video projects for the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau, including the latest popular “Things to Do” video, Erik Clapp has built his reputation as a photographer, videographer and film director.
Check out the five gadgets he can’t live without.

1. DJI Osmo 
“A miniature steadicam that produces super-smooth tracking shots. Its small size allows you to be more creative in where you can place the camera and helps you move freely around your subject without getting exhausted.”

2. LiteGear LiteMats and LiteRibbon
“The versatility of these LED lights is what makes them so handy. The LiteMat is an LED light about as thick as a DVD that comes in five sizes and can be mounted on almost anything. The LiteRibbon is exactly that – an LED ribbon that can be stuck in small or hard-to-get places where regular lights won’t fit, such as in a car. They are dimmable and can change temperature as needed depending on their environment.”

3. Westcott Icelight 
“A lightsaber-like LED light wand for portable run-and-gun light situations. The Icelight is great for both video and photo when you need to be moving but don’t have time to plug in lights. It stops the mood from breaking and keeps subjects on their toes.”

4. Atomos Shogun 
“A portable monitor and video recorder. This plugs into your camera and records exactly what your camera is seeing but in a higher quality format. It doubles as a monitor and can be used to show clients footage immediately without having to use the camera to do so. An invaluable tool on the set.”

5. Manfrotto Video Monopod with feet 
“An extremely useful monopod used to replicate shooting handheld without putting stress on your back. I love this thing. It has really helped me to be mobile and to acquire footage that I might otherwise not have from being too tired out if I had been holding the camera all day. Using a tripod all day can be cumbersome, but this has three tiny support legs at the bottom.”