Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Corporations are realizing the importance of strong wellness programs to maximize employees’ productivity, creativity and ability to meet their full potential.

Employers know healthy employees are happier and more productive - and less of a strain on insurance claims.  Here are some area organizations that are trying to help their people get and stay healthy.

Alcon Alcon believes employees are the foundation of a successful company. That's why it offers personalized wellness programs through the Be Healthy initiative. Alcon helps its associates maintain and improve health, fitness and diet by focusing on four pillars: Move (exercise), Choose (healthy eating), Know (health education) and Manage (support programs).

Senior Training and Development Specialist Jaedeanne Shaver has worked at Alcon for three and a half years.

“When I first started working at Alcon, I signed up for one of the 5K running classes,” she says. “Since that time, with the support of the fitness center, I have run countless 5Ks and 10Ks, five half marathons, one full marathon, several sprint triathlons and one IRONMAN 70.3.”
The Be Healthy program kicks off each year with a celebration week, including five days of healthy activities such as healthy food offerings and free health checks.

Alcon has an incentive program that rewards its employees with points for reaching certain health goals. The points are redeemable for prizes such as gift certificates, live events and electronics.

Associates also have access to the Live and Work Well Program that helps with everything from the demands of everyday stress to major life events. Employees are offered information, consultation and referrals for legal assistance, financial services, child/parent support services, adult/elder support services, chronic condition support services and life learning education support services.

In addition to having access to Alcon’s indoor fitness facilities and locker rooms, employees can take group classes or use the outdoor fitness areas for activities such as volleyball, kickball, soccer and other sports.
Alcon also provides a behavior-based program to help participants quit tobacco.

Capital One Financial
In addition to the typical medical, dental and vision coverage, Capital One provides prescription drug benefits through CVS Caremark.

Many Capital One locations offer on-site fitness centers for employees and their family members in addition to giving discounts to area gym facilities. Through the healthcare insurance offered to its associates, Capital One promotes individual health goals by creating a personalized Health Report and Action Plan. It is possible for Capital One employees to earn incentives.

The Capital One Employee Assistance Program provides round-the-clock support and advice.

Texas Christian University
TCU faculty, staff, retirees and their spouses/partners are eligible to participate in the WellnessGold program. Once enrolled, the initial six-week program includes “wellness tasks” related to multiple areas of overall fitness and are assessed at the beginning and end of the program. This assessment includes body weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, stress profile questionnaire, nutrition knowledge questionnaire and strength level.

Using the educational institution’s wealth of knowledge, the WellnessGold program partners with on-campus faculty, staff and students from Nursing, Nutrition, Information Technology, Center for Instructional Services, Office of Religious and Spiritual Affairs, Religion, Office of Communications and Campus Recreation.

Baylor All Saints
Committed to improving the health of those they serve, Baylor All Saints asks its employees to model the same behaviors it promotes to its patients. Beginning in 2012, Baylor no longer hires individuals who use nicotine products.

Baylor’s wellness program allows employees to take advantage of fitness center discounts and a wide variety of free, wellness-related services. An interactive website featuring health trackers, exercise plans, nutrition tips and customized articles is an excellent wellness resource. In addition to health screenings, seminars and competitions, Baylor provides telephone health coaching and disease management coaching for employees who qualify.

Becky Hall, vice president of health and wellness, has worked at Baylor All Saints for 14 years. She takes advantage of Baylor’s monthly challenges and walking groups. Hall says, “I also participated in the Naturally Slim weight management program four years ago. I lost more than 30 pounds and have been able to maintain that.”

Baylor also offers financial incentives for staying fit. “We can earn up to $780 of premium credits and $325 of prizes and rewards throughout the year for participation and results,” Hall says.