Hunt Like a Boss: Local Execs Talk Favorite Hunting Gear

Local business leaders — and hunting enthusiasts — gush on their favorite gear.

“My newest toy is a thermal imaging sight for my TriArc AR-15, which I use when hunting hog — the Pulsar Thermal Imaging Sight Trail XQ50. It’s absolutely amazing.”
-Ken Schaefer, president and owner, Schaefer Advertising Co.

“The Outdoor Edge RazorPro knife with changeable blades is the best innovation I have seen in years. It renders regular knives obsolete. Google it. I have cleaned over a dozen elk with them, and it makes it a breeze. Prior to this product, a single elk would dull multiple knives.”
-Hunter McLean, attorney/member, Whitaker Chalk

“The most critical tool in my hunting bag is my Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder. A must for long rang shooting.”
-Scott Jones, Tarrant County market president, Regions Bank

“A good range finder [Rahr uses Vortex Optics’ Ranger 1000] is always a key item to have when hunting. Knowing your distance and shot is critical.”
-Fritz Rahr, co-founder and CEO, Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

“Driving around the [CF Ranch in Alpine, Texas], you always see amazing sunrises, sunsets and wildlife. The zoom lens on the Canon PowerShot G3 X digital camera, equivalent of 600mm, allows me to get some great pictures.”
-Mike Micallef, president, Reata