One Step at a Time

Five companies that incorporate walking in the workplace.

Ten thousand. That’s the magic number of steps the American Heart Association suggests people should take in order to prevent heart disease.

For many Americans who spend the majority of their workday sitting at a desk, this goal isn’t always feasible. Employees and executives have to make greater efforts in order to get their steps in.

But some Fort Worth companies are making it a little easier for employees to reach their goal, from marking out walking paths throughout their buildings to hosting walking events. For other businesses, the mere location of the office is what makes it walking friendly.

Here are just a few walkable workplaces located in Fort Worth.

3024 Acme Brick Plaza
Acme Brick’s offices are located along the Clear Fork of the Trinity River. With convenient trail access through the café, employees can easily take a walk during their lunch break, or even just to get some fresh air throughout the day. It is also convenient for running or biking before and after work, and employees have access to locker rooms so they can shower and change before heading back inside. Access to the trail was a factor when deciding the location of Acme Brick’s headquarters, according to marketing director Britt Stokes. “The aspect of having a safe place for employees to walk was a big incentive,” Stokes says.

1000 Throckmorton St.
Six laps around the track-shaped path outside City Hall equal one mile. But employees don’t just use the track for exercise; they also sometimes use it to host walking meetings. The City of Fort Worth also takes advantage of the path by hosting events such as the one-mile Heart Walk Kick-off and National Walking Day.

1301 Pennsylvania Ave.
A walking path that runs along West Rosedale Street, Sixth Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, and South Henderson makes up the perimeter of the campus at Harris Methodist. One lap, about 2,200 steps, is one mile. On bad weather days, staff and visitors can take advantage of the marked path located inside the Richardson Tower, marked with labels 1-12.

800 E. Northside Drive
Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) employees have easy access to a walking path, with company offices located right along the West Fork of the Trinity River. According to TRWD spokesman Chad Lorance, many take advantage of the trail by walking before or after work, and during lunch.

East Tower, 6000 Western Place
Though its location at Western Place isn’t exactly walking friendly, the company encourages walking through an incentives program. Employees can download an app and scan the barcode at different locations in the building to get credit for the distance they walked.