Play With a Full Desk

You work there, you eat there, and as much as you hate to admit it, sometimes you even sleep there. So, why not make your office as comfortable and functional as possible? These four gadgets make life just a little bit easier, or at least a lot prettier, while you’re working the week away.

(A) PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer The perfect gadget for germaphobes, this smartphone sanitizer kills germs with an ultra-violet light. From your lunch meeting, to your desk, to (admit it) the restroom, to your pocket, your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. And where does the phone ultimately end up? Your face. Zap the problem away with this sleek device. Place your phone inside, attach the charging cable, and close the lid. Once closed, a pair of specialized, ultra-violet lights clean the phone while simultaneously charging it. Exterior lights let you know when the phone is clean and charged. Large enough to accommodate most smartphones, it comes with a micro USB charging cable that can be easily switched out for your phone. The case even has built-in acoustic amplifiers that allow you to continue listening to music or use your phone’s alarm while it’s getting its treatment., $59.95

(B) Amazon Echo First books, then shipping, then TV, now Amazon is in the personal assistant business. Amazon Echo is a digital personal assistant that responds to your voice and gets to know you better each day. Connect it to your lights, your thermostat, your music; all you have to do is ask and Amazon will answer. Or, use its “skills” or connected apps to order an Uber, have Domino’s delivered or reorder paper towels. Just ask Alexa, Amazon or Echo – you decide its name too., $179.99

(C) Petcube Check in on your furry best friend while you’re stuck at the office. Whether it’s meant for your pet's peace of mind, or your own, this device can make the whole family a little happier while you’re stuck at the office. Check in on your dog or cat, or even better, entertain them from your desk while watching their every move on the HD video. Petcube connects to your smartphone so you can watch, talk to and play with your cat or dog from anywhere. A built-in, two-way microphone allows you to whisper sweet nothings to your lonely pet while you’re at work and even listen to him or her respond. You can also control a laser from your smartphone to keep them entertained and stimulated., $149

(D) Perpetual Calendars Perhaps more form than function, this calendar can be used year after year. Created for the Museum of Modern Art, two magnetic balls mark the date and month. Mount it on your wall or place it on your desk for a calendar that won’t expire or go out of style., $45