Professional Mixers

A calendar full of quarterly meetings, holiday parties and employee appreciation events can quickly turn into a repetitive revolving door. The same venues with boring food and mediocre wine do little to boost employee morale and productivity, which is why it’s time to mix things up.

That’s exactly what Sedona Productions had in mind when the company created Spirits by Sedona. The luxury, high-end cocktail service brings the party to you. And, we’re not just talking drinks. The service handles everything from the bar and cocktail napkins to glassware and garnishes. Headed up by expert spirits director, Pamela Moncrief, the Sedona team made a trip to the Fort Worth, Texas magazine offices for our annual holiday party and transformed the space from a sleek slate of cubes to an event space with lit walls and multiple full-service bars. Pamela, a former bartender at The Usual with a keen sense for forming flavors, created craft cocktails that wowed everyone from the account executives to the art directors.

Everyone knows that after a long day of work, a bartender can quickly turn into your best friend. So, just in time for summer cocktail season, we asked Pamela to create five different drinks to appease all of your business savvy sides.