Tag, This Is It

This technologically savvy luggage tag proves you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.

Nothing ruins a business trip like lost luggage.  According to USA Today, around 20 million bags are lost or mishandled a year.  Which means, if you travel often enough, it’s bound to happen.  Usually, before your bag is even lost, you’re filled with anxiety wondering if it will meet you at your intended destination or if you’re destined to end your trip watching an empty carousel go round and round.  Or, worse.  You could begin your trip with nothing but the clothes on your back.  Many travelers opt to carry on to avoid the unknown.  But factors such as big trips, small regional jets and multiple bags can often make it impossible to do so.

Well, maybe it’s time you LoJack your luggage.  The CalypsoTag ($169) from European-based CalypsoCrystal is the ideal way to keep a virtual eye on your checked bags.  At first glance, the tag looks like a sleek way to identify yourself as the owner of your luggage.  But, thanks to some nakedto- the-eye technology, the CalypsoTag serves a much larger purpose.  Simply buy the tag, attach it to your bag, download the corresponding app and watch your luggage from your smartphone.

The tag uses technology developed by Chipolo and a low-power Bluetooth chip built inside the tag.  It pairs with most smartphones including iOS, Android and Samsung devices.  With a range of 200 feet, the CalypsoTag remembers the last location of your luggage even when it’s out of range.  So, when the airline has no idea where your luggage is, you can take matters into your own hands.

A small built-in battery lasts up to six months and can be easily replaced.  The technology also allows you to avoid crowding around the carousel, checking bag after bag in hopes of finding yours.  Instead, take a seat in baggage claim or make a stop at Starbucks, and your phone will alert you when the bag is nearby.  Then make your way to the conveyer belt, spot your attractive tag, pick up your bag and continue on your way.

The beauty of the form in the CalypsoTag starts with carefully selected raw materials and evolving design.  Last September, the fashion-forward tech company released the CalypsoCrystal 2016 Collection with luxurious new material that includes customwoven jacquard and leather.

Handmade in Florence, skilled artisans create each piece with extra strong yarn and handpicked premium Italian leather produced exclusively for CalypsoCrystal in Milan, Italy.  The timeless pattern comes in four different colors including Zurich Night (black), Paris Glory (orange), Sydney Morning (yellow) and Atlanta Mist (grey).

Such luxury and artisanal attention also translate to exclusivity.  Less than 1,000 pieces of each design are made and assigned a serial number, ensuring that only a select few can own any given CalypsoCrystal product.

Available at CalypsoCrystal.com