A Timely Fashion

Any etiquette book will tell you that a major part of a good first impression is a firm handshake.  But, what about an attractive one?  The way you adorn your wrist might say more to those you’re doing business with than meets the eye.

What today is a luxury, was born out of necessity.  Wristwatches first became popular during World War I when soldiers in the trenches didn’t have the, eh hem, time to dig through their pockets to learn the hour.  The same can be said for today’s business world.  When you’re in the trenches (read: having a busy day) and need to know what time it is, a watch, not your iPhone, is the only thing that will do the trick in fast fashion.

We wanted to know what the watch of choice was for one of the area's most experienced jewelers, so we turned to Pieter Andries.  The jeweler celebrated 50 years in the fine jewelry design business last year.  Andries started his career as a goldsmith in 1965 before he built a successful jewelry manufacturing company with his wife, Marilyn.  Their creations were sold across the country in stores including Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s.  After many years of fine-tuning his skills and crafting a business model, Andries and his wife opened Pieter Andries Creators of Fine Jewelry in 1992 in Westlake.  In 2000, the store moved to a new state-of-the-art showroom with an attached workshop and manufacturing facility in the heart of Southlake.

When it comes to watches, Pieter Andries doesn't shy away from playing favorites.  After all, his store carries Rolex exclusively.

He wears the Rolex Cellini Dual Time.  Named for Italian goldsmith and sculptor to the popes Benvenuto Cellini, the model combines classic function with contemporary design.  A sophisticated dress watch with a strap instead of a bracelet, Cellini comes in three different styles: Time, Date and Dual Time.  Andries prefers the Dual Time model specifically because of its understated elegance and functionality.  Traveling frequently to Belgium to visit the Pieter Andries' diamond buying office, the watch allows him to keep track of time in both Texas and Antwerp.