This Is Your Brain on Yoga

By Alexandra Plancarte

De-stress with yoga straight from your office with Yogis On The Go.

Dallas-Fort Worth’s first mobile yoga studio, Yogis On The Go, is transforming offices into tranquil yoga studios. Long-time enthusiasts and first-time yoga clients are enlisting the new business to make office calls.

Living the double life as a lawyer at Gray Reed & McGraw and founder of Yogis On The Go, Matt Sanderson finds the time to work and teach yoga. He started the innovative company in February, with a vision to relieve stress around the office. Three years ago, Sanderson was looking for something to supplement his daily fitness routine and found yoga. Within a year of yoga practice, he became a certified instructor.

Sanderson aims to bring yoga to as many people as he can, anywhere, anytime. Currently, Yogis On The Go offers classes anywhere within 60 miles of Dallas and Fort Worth with hopes of expanding to other cities like Houston and Austin.

The concept removes common fears and barriers that first-time students have by bringing the therapeutic classes to students where they already feel most comfortable - on their own “turf.” “We try to make the students feel more comfortable because generally they are with their friends and co-workers or people that they already know,” Sanderson said.

In addition to the commonly known benefits people gain from yoga, improving flexibility and balance while helping with breathing and strengthening, yoga can provide many benefits for companies, large and small. It helps employees and executives mentally by pushing away any distractions or anxiety – allowing people to be more focused on their job.

“You are going to want yoga in your business because the more physically fit an individual is, the fewer health issues he or she is going to have,” Sanderson said. “Not only are the employees going to be healthier, but the company is going to spend less on insurance claims and health care coverage by providing health and wellness to its employees.”

Yogis On The Go also differs from standard yoga studios by tailoring each session to the individual clients. “We figure out what a student is hoping to accomplish, and we design our program around him or her,” Sanderson said. 

The company has 15 to 20 certified instructors who are qualified and experienced in yoga. In each session, the yoga instructors bring a studio-quality sound system, equipment and yoga mats for each participant. Corporate sessions start at $150.

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