4 Workouts to Book for the Office

4 Workouts to Book for the Office

by Rebecca Williams

When employees can’t make it to the gym, bring the gym to them.

These local fitness studios offer on-site workouts for the office, providing relief from workweek woes and giving co-workers an opportunity for community bonding. Whether you’re in marathon-ready shape or your idea of exercise has been couch surfing for the last 10 years, these classes accommodate all levels of ability. So, take a break from your crippling office chair and glaring computer screen — and put on your tennis shoes. It’s time to get moving.

Pilates: D Method
D-Method’s signature Mat Pilates, a blend of strength and flexibility training, uses a contemporary approach to whip you into shape. These 45- to 50-minute classes include a full-body workout with emphasis on abs and posture, leaving students reenergized and renewed.
What you’ll need: Mat or towel (something to lie on the floor with)

Yoga: Indra’s Grace
For workplaces that need a little more Zen, Indra’s Grace offers on-site, one-hour yoga. The studio offers a few corporate-friendly sessions, including breathing exercises for stress reduction, chair yoga for at-the-desk relaxation and regular yoga for overall well-being. Schedule classes as a one-time event or on an ongoing basis, once or twice per week.
What you’ll need: Comfortable attire, water bottle, mat (if owned; can be provided if not)

Strength, conditioning and endurance gym ENDURALAB can turn your conference room into a private gym, utilizing select equipment, including dumbbells and kettlebells to create the ideal office workout. Beyond physical exercise, ENDURALAB also leads goal-planning sessions and nutrition challenges to encourage health in all aspects of life.
What you’ll need: Exercise attire, tennis shoes, water bottle, sweat towel

Barre/Dance: Smart Barre
Cityview If you’ve been waiting to see your co-workers bust a move, here’s your chance. Smart Barre’s Open Level Barre class, adapted for your space, combines strengthening and stretching exercises that target major muscle groups and focus on correct postural alignment and abdominal work. The studio also holds general dance fitness classes. Classes are based on instructor availability.
What you’ll need: Exercise clothes, mat (flexible, if your office is carpeted), water bottle, tennis shoes (only if your office space requires your session to take place outside)

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