4 Needle-Free Alternatives to Botox

If needles give you the creeps, here are some alternative options for wrinkle treatment.

Despite how many serums we apply, laser treatments we endure, fillers we have injected or green drinks we tip back, gravity eventually finds us all.

Proven and popular wrinkle-fighters like Botox relax muscles and puts them in a state of paralysis, smoothing out the skin. Dysport and Xeomin, two other FDA-approved, injectable neuromodulators, have similar benefits. Dysport sometimes works faster than Botox, which can be an advantage if you have a special occasion and need a really quick fix. But, injectables aren’t the only option out there. A handful of natural products are on the market that have had some success in wrinkle reduction — helping to keep that needle at bay for just a bit longer.

These patches of sticky paper are applied to the skin to temporarily “freeze” the muscle movements that cause wrinkles.

Yamuna Save Face Balls
Yes, face balls. About the size of a softball, these rubbery balls are worked into the skin and massaged on the face to reduce sagging skin, prevent thinning of the facial bones and improve circulation and skin tone. The face is supposed to appear fuller due to increased circulation.

Snake Venom
Daireds Salon and Spa Pangéa in Arlington offers clients an UltraLuxe professional grade facial peel. LA-based skin care company, UltraLuxe, has been developing anti-aging products for nearly 20 years. “In some of our products, we incorporate the active ingredient of synthetic snake venom, which acts as a muscle inhibitor,” says Nate Dakar, president of UltraLuxe. “To use a metaphor, think about when a snake attacks. The venom constricts the movement of its prey. Our product slows down the movement and contraction of the muscle, which is the cause of wrinkles.” Dakar calls the UltraLuxe-9 Age Control Complex “the Rolls-Royce of all the products.”

Watermelon Rind
The Watermelon Glow Sleep Mask from Glow Recipe is so popular, the site often runs out of stock. The “pillow-proof” mask uses watermelon extract, along with other unique ingredients like licorice, peony and cabbage, to hydrate and radiate.