What It's Like to Intern at Fort Worth Magazine

Our intern tells all. Well, the important stuff anyway.

I’ll introduce myself first. I’m Kat Barclay, one of the editorial interns at Fort Worth Magazine. I started this internship in May 2017 and planned it to end in August when I graduated. Well, to make a long story short, it’s December as I write this, and I’m still here. For those of you who are bad at math like me, that is eight months.

I’ll be honest — it’s hard to write about what a typical day looks like as an intern here when every day is different. I could talk about the stories I wrote, like the one about goat yoga or the house made of shipping containers, or when I took on the task of completing the dining guide that will be published in the spring. I could also talk about the cool events I’ve been able to attend, like the 2017 Top Chef Challenge or the TCU weekly football presser. And, while I’ve learned all kinds of journalistic tips and skills, I got a real glimpse into office dynamics. Here are the top eight things I learned while working here:

1. You’ll never know what month you’re in since the magazines are planned one to two months in advance; you’ll be preparing for Christmas while it’s still only October.

2. Find a spot in the office where the Wi-Fi works and don’t move.

3. Sales and Editorial have an interesting relationship with each other. I think it’s mostly love — I think.

4. Wear warm clothing — whether it’s July or December, the offices are always cold.

5. Google Drive is life.

6. Writing about food means being hungry all day. Even if you don’t like Indian food, you’ll be craving curry chicken after the tenth buffet you’ve written about.

7. If you don’t already know your school fight song, learn it. You just might get asked to sing it.

8. Friday afternoons are for margaritas.