Due North

It’s raining houses over here at Fort Worth Magazine.

You probably noticed that last month we published the premiere issue of our quarterly luxury shelter publication, Fort Worth HOME. We’re pretty proud of it, and we’re bragging about it on bus benches, billboards and radio spots all over town. This month we’re back in the home game again, with our biannual Dream Home issue.

And. This. One. Is. Big. 6700-square-feet big. $2.495 million big. Lighted, glass-enclosed refrigerated wine room big. Turn to page 44 and read as Scott Nishimura takes you on a tour of the Westlake estate, diving inside the mind of the builder, designer and other vendors that made it possible.

We were so inspired by our Dream Home’s Granada development location that we decided to dedicate the majority of this issue to the Town of Westlake and north Fort Worth. On page 82, Associate Editor Samantha Calimbahin explores north Fort Worth’s Alliance with a look back on how far it has come, where it’s going and who’s behind it all in her feature story, “Here Comes the Boom.”

Samantha is at it again on page 76 with her feature on Westlake Academy. The prestigious charter school, run by the Town of Westlake, is an International Baccalaureate program that has garnered national attention. Read the feature to find out how the school is making the Town of Westlake even more desirable, and how the Town of Westlake is making the school even more desirable. 

You’ll see other nods to the northern suburbs throughout the pages of this issue. Our food editors get a taste of some suburb spots on page 171, our staff brings you news of Chef Kalen Jane’s newest Southlake project on page 18 and Jennifer Casseday-Blair gets Up Close with Tom Brymer, the Westlake city manager on page 136.

We hope you enjoy an adventure north with us this issue. But don’t be gone too long.

On The Cover: Photographer Alex Lepe perfectly captured the back staircase inside our 2017 Summer Dream Home in Westlake as light flowed in through nearby windows.