Falling for February

It’s called an “Instagram rabbit hole.” You click on a friend, and then the friend they tagged, and then the location that was geotagged, and then a hashtag, and so on and so forth. I’m ashamed to admit that when I fall in said rabbit hole, I can stay there for about an hour. It happens not infrequently, it always cuts into my sleep, and it usually leads to useless information – like that the D-list celebrity from Survivor is married to the other D-list celebrity from the Amazing Race. But sometimes I land on a gem. And most recently, it led me to our February cover story and Fort Design Studio. That’s how I discovered the sweeping one-story Tanglewood remodel that graces our cover. It combines a few of my favorite things – beautiful design, a one-story home and a killer view. It doesn’t hurt that you can spot Gary Patterson’s house in the distance from the backyard either. Writer Jennifer Casseday-Blair takes us on a tour of the home, from the original parquet floors to the most-organized pantry you’ve ever seen, on page 44.

Instagram was also how I originally met another striking Fort Worth home, FW Black House. The buzzy new spot, and it’s use for all things cultural, has already been well documented. But, we wanted to know, what’s it like to actually live there? And raise a family there? Also, what color is that? Associate editor Samantha Calimbahin steps inside on page 30 in our Culture section to answer all of those questions.

Finally, our second feature in this issue might get some of you all hot and bothered. We put writer, Fort Worth magazine staffer and foodie Brittany Ryan in the hot seat. For this issue, she took on the truly courageous task of finding the spiciest dishes in Fort Worth. If you’re a spicy food lover, her list, on page 54, is a must. It's the literary equivalent of watching someone bite into a ghost pepper - scary, fascinating and hilarious. As someone who orders her Thai Select Drunken Noodles at a spicy level 1, I’m nothing short of impressed.

So, if there’s anything this issue taught me, it’s that when it comes to spicy food, I just can’t hang. And, maybe I have an Instagram problem.

Kendall Louis
Executive Editor