The Food Chain

You know those people who go to dinner and order a flatbread and a side salad? Ok, sometimes they order salmon and a side salad, but you get the picture. Well, that’s not me. Let’s just say I like to eat.

Usually, in the name of variety of course, I will order as many items from the menu as I can get away with before my husband gives me a strange look. And much to said husband’s dismay, going out to dinner is one of my favorite activities.

So, when we decided to feature female chefs in our cover story, “Turning the Tables,” I knew I would be in good company. They did not disappoint, and writer Celestina Blok expertly unravels the key to how each woman landed in her respective role. They all show who really wears the hat in the kitchen.

From female chefs, to female illustrators, our cover art is the creation of San Francisco-based food illustrator Gretchen Röehrs. I’ve been following Gretchen on Instagram (@groehrs) for a while now in awe of how she can make something as simple as an apricot look chic. To create the cover sketches, we gave her information on each chef’s restaurant, cooking style and signature dishes, and let Gretchen work her magic. The result is so perfect, it’s hard to decide whether to frame it or eat it.

As for our February issue, we just hope you’ll read it.

Kendall Louis
Executive Editor