The Hit List

Call it a weird choice of reading material, but on my honeymoon a couple of years ago, I read all 343 pages of Texas vs. Davis: The Only Complete Account of the Bizarre Thomas Cullen Davis Murder Case by Mike Cochran. If you aren’t familiar, it’s the true story of a local millionaire who was acquitted of the murders of his stepdaughter and his estranged wife's boyfriend. A macabre choice, yes. But, curiosity finally got the best of me as I had driven by the infamous Stonegate Mansion numerous times and wanted to know more about the story that once held Fort Worth captive.

In a city with history as rich as Fort Worth, many locals share some of the same curiosities. Why is that street named Bellaire? What’s the story behind the bricks on Camp Bowie? Has Casa Mañana always looked like that? Writer Jennifer Casseday-Blair unravels the reasoning behind many of the city’s most recognizable spots in her feature story, “Name Dropping.”

The magazine’s creative staff got a taste of Fort Worth history firsthand during our spring fashion photo shoot this month when we visited the epochal estate at 52 Valley Ridge presented by Talia Lydick with Williams Trew. Built in 1934, we knew this hacienda-style Westover home would be the perfect spot for our shoot (page 46). A vacation home in the middle of the city, 52 Valley Ridge is reminiscent of a Palm Springs boutique hotel. The exterior is striking, but the interiors are so picturesque, it didn’t even bother us when it rained…all day. In fact, this home is so charming and elegant, my favorite photo of the day was shot in a powder bathroom.

Writer Jocelyn Tatum expands on the city’s history with a glimpse into the future in her feature, “Revitalizing Heritage Plaza.” Jocelyn expertly describes the plaza, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, as “a museum without a roof or doors.” And, no roof and no doors sound pretty great when spring weather arrives. Turn to page 66 for “Dining Out,” Jennifer Casseday-Blair’s list of the 12 best new patios in the city. From under-the-radar, to kid-friendly, to see-and-be-seen, it’s a list you’ll want to keep handy.

Finally, our cover story this month is another essential and useful list: “Top Doctors.” This consistent best seller is a go-to source for Tarrant County residents looking for the top physicians in town. It’s always a reader favorite.

Kendall Louis
Executive Editor