If the Suit Fits

I’m one of those people who asks a lot of questions. After meeting people, I want to know where they are from, what they do, how they met their significant other, and if it’s not too much to ask, where exactly they live. I think, and really hope, that I’m tactful enough to work these curiosities casually into a conversation. But, sometimes I bite my tongue and instead just wonder. That’s why, when I started as executive editor here, one of my goals was to simply introduce you to cool people who either live in or are connected to Fort Worth. This month our cover story does just that as we feature the most stylish men in Fort Worth.

One morning in the throes of working on the October issue, a well-dressed man walked in. I introduced myself, and he responded with a “Wilson Franklin, nice to meet you,” as he removed his cowboy hat and reached out his hand. He also referred to me as “ma’am” the rest of the shoot, despite the reverse age gap. It was so very Fort Worth, and it was so very stylish. When it was time to shoot, he was a natural in front of the camera, and it was obvious he was an heir to style. The following day I had the pleasure of seeing him and his hat and his charming wife again at the TCU football game. This time he sported a subtle purple. Style points increased.

There is a story like this that goes along with all of our most stylish men this month. Throughout our shoots, I found that they are each sweet, funny, grateful, confident and, of course, stylish, no matter what they wear. Writer Jocelyn Tatum interviewed each one, getting to the bottom of what influenced his “look” for our cover story on page 54, and photographer Alex Lepe literally captured each subject perfectly.

In our second feature story this month, writer Gail Bennison takes on the tough subject of domestic violence and gives it a scientific spin. Her story, “Digitizing Emotion,” is a fascinating look at how University of Texas at Arlington researchers are studying impulses in the brain, which may lead to alerting someone before a rage actually happens. We love it when Gail is willing to tackle these tough subjects, and she does it brilliantly again on page 68.

I write this letter on one of my last days in the office before going on maternity leave. But, I am leaving you in good hands. Former executive editor Jennifer Casseday-Blair will return to this chair as she graciously takes over in my absence. I’ll be back in a couple of issues. Until then, I return to the role of fascinated and overly curious reader.

Kendall Louis
Executive Editor