Let’s Talk Tacos

After nearly a year, I’m stepping out of editor retirement for a few months until Kendall’s return. Don’t worry, you aren’t stuck with me. 

I should give you fair warning before going any further: Do not read this issue on an empty stomach. It’s my personal belief that tacos can fix anything. What’s better than a food appropriate for breakfast, lunch or dinner or all three for that matter. Freelance writer Celestina Blok dishes up a deep-fried, slow-roasted, tortilla-encased, salsa-topped guide to Fort Worth’s tastiest tacos (page 50).

Thoughtful renditions of classic Mexican street tacos created by purist taquerias make the list, but take note of exotic twists like Revolver Taco Lounge’s Octopus Taco. Each finalist successfully presents a blend of textures and flavors that unite on a tortilla and give you a true south-of-the-border experience.

More winning tacos can be found in our 2016 Culinary Awards feature on page 68. Our readers cast more than 900 votes for their favorite meals. From Heim Barbecue’s Bacon Burnt Ends to the Maple Leaf Duck Stir-Fry at Cannon Chinese, we included the town’s most memorable and inventive dishes.

Leaping from professional to home kitchens, this issue is a food lover’s dream. The magazine once again promotes the annual Kitchens Tour benefiting a Wish with Wings (page 62), where guests can enjoy touring five elegantly designed kitchens while indulging in gourmet tastings from the city’s most popular chefs. Visit awishwithwings.org to purchase your tickets for the tour on Nov. 12 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Now settle in, grab a snack and get to reading.

Jennifer Casseday-Blair
Interim Executive Editor