A Love Letter

I have fallen in love with Fort Worth exactly two times. Once, when I moved here at the age of 18 to attend TCU, and again 10 years later when I moved back after a 3-year hiatus.

One lazy morning upon my return, I stumbled to the nearest grocery store, assuming that I would find a Starbucks inside. I asked a sweet woman behind the counter to direct me to the nearest barista. She responded with a charming Southern drawl, “There’s no Starbucks in here, but we have free coffee in the bakery every mornin’.”

I smiled and followed my nose to the bakery department, poured a cup of coffee and picked up a donut for good measure. Waiting to pay, a line developed behind an elderly couple who very, very slowly purchased the “Cheap Chicken Monday” promotion that had been announced over the speaker in yet another Southern drawl. I admired the young kid behind the register as he patiently assisted them before bidding them adieu with a surprising, “Bye Grandma, Bye Grandpa!”

I melted. And then I went along with my day only to retell the story that night over a cocktail at The Usual.

That’s exactly the kind of place Fort Worth is – one where you can make friends with the grocery guy over free coffee in the morning and hit a historic boulevard filled with new restaurants by night.

Somewhere between history and home is where our cover story (page 52) takes us this month as we explore another one of Fort Worth’s treasures in The Old Grande Dame of Fort Worth. This historic estate has been vigorously maintained by its stewards, and the story of its journey into the 21st century is expertly crafted.

Homes like this are another one of my favorite parts of the city. I’m happy to be in Fort Worth. And, even happier to be in this editor’s chair where we can write about the charming Fort Worthians inside the houses, behind the scenes and behind the registers. It’s like falling in love all over again.

Stay tuned.

Kendall Louis
Executive Editor