Resolutions Old and New

I resolve to go to the Fort Worth Central Public Library more in 2016.

When I walked into the stately downtown building on a scouting trip, my first thought was, It’s really embarrassing that I’ve never been here before. My second was, This is the perfect spot for our 10 Most Beautiful Women photo shoot. Finally, I wondered whether or not I put enough change in the parking meter.

I did not.

The library has all the same charming qualities as our 10 most beautiful finalists. It’s diverse, dynamic, educated, elegant and, of course, beautiful. In short, the building is a Fort Worth gem just like each of our finalists. Each woman is even more impressive in person than she is on paper and in images.

Just a few miles north sits another valuable gem for our city - the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. A battle has been quietly brewing regarding the future of the Stockyards, and our resident expert, FW Inc. Executive Editor Scott Nishimura, has been following every meeting, quote, debate and rendering. His account of the story, that’s very literally developing before our eyes, is as riveting as it is informative.

From one Fort Worth landmark to another, one of the highlights of this issue for me was taking a tour of the new Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena at TCU. From gleaming hallways with wall-sized photos from local photographer Brian Luenser to beautiful views every way the head turns, the team taking this and other TCU buildings to the next level is proving that change can be a very, very good thing.

Happy New Year.

Kendall Louis

Executive Editor