The September Issue

Memories from vacations can range from heavenly to nightmarish depending on various factors: travel, accommodations, company, weather, etc.

A few quickly come to mind for me. Heavenly: Seeing baby cheetahs on safari in Africa. Nightmarish: Staying in a tiny room with pull-out bunk beds as a family of four…on a cruise. Heavenly: Floating the river as a child for the first time. Nightmarish: Almost drowning the first time I floated the river. You get the picture.

But, one thing is certain. No matter how good or bad an experience is, we will always vacation. Because, good or bad, we want the memories. And when you can find a luxurious or unique vacation in your own state, that’s even better. We might take it for granted during the smoldering 100-degree days of the summer, but we’re lucky to live in a state like Texas with a vast and diverse landscape. To prove it to you, we rounded up 11 resorts, ranches B&Bs and Airbnbs that are merely a drive away. Ok, in some instances you would be better served flying. Not to worry, we have those details covered too. Writer Jocelyn Tatum spoke to the genius minds and design eyes behind these escapes to find out just what drove them to create their own piece of heaven on earth and subsequently share it with us. Turn to page 60 to read the beautiful compilation.

And, when you just can’t get away for an escape, there are always cocktails. Jennifer Casseday-Blair selflessly sipped her way around the city to present 30 cocktails that are sure to have you stirring. Imbibe the list on page 72.

Finally, we couldn’t give you a September issue without providing a hearty dose of fall fashion. And that we did by teaming up with Neiman Marcus to shoot some of the season’s top trends inside its beautiful construction zone at The Shops at Clearfork – the future home of the new store. The result is six pages, beginning on page 48, of metallic meets metal beams, berry hues meet bright red ladders and jumpsuits meet drywall.

The views are simply stunning.