The 13 Best Places to Grab a Breakfast Taco in Fort Worth

Breakfast Tacos

A complete Guide to Fort Worth's best breakfast taco spots

Austin, Schmaustin

We’re well aware of the fact that A-town is regarded as the epicenter of Texas’ breakfast taco scene. We’ve clicked on the websites devoted to Austin’s surplus of breakfast taco options, watched the TV shows and even skimmed the book, Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day. Yes, yes, yes, we know the breakfast tacos in Austin are to die for. We get it, OK?  

While Fort Worth doesn’t have a book or a TV show devoted to its variations of these handheld delights, we certainly have our breakfast taco bases more than covered. East, west, north and south, every area of Fort Worth is lined with taquerias of various sizes and stature, offering these culinary wunderkinds comprised of eggs, meat, veggies and salsas wrapped inside warm tortillas. 

Some get rolling at the crack of dawn, others linger past last call. Some are full-service restaurants, others are tiny shacks where, because there’s nowhere to sit, you get your food and split.

So numerous are Fort Worth’s breakfast taco choices, a guide is a necessity. Here, then, is our highly subjective, completely unscientific, 100 percent biased look at 13 (in no particular order) of our favorite Fort Worth breakfast taco spots.

Taco Heads TacosTres BetosMelis Taqueria

Tortilleria la Original de Zacatecas TacosEsperanzasVelvet Tacos

Los Paisanos Taqueria and RestaurantSalsa LimonLucita's Mexican Cocina

El Mil TacosTacos CantuTacos la Banqueta

Tortilleria la Nueva de Zacatecas