Frank and Brenda Ritz

1105 Tinker Road

Whimsy, comfort, and practical living define the “comfortable modern” home of Frank and Brenda Ritz. From the magical Christmas-tree house to the magnetic doggie door to Brenda’s craft-laundry room, this home has everything. When the Ritzs built their home on land that once belonged to a member of the Tinker family, one of Colleyville’s earlier residents, they were careful to preserve some features of the original land. They designed the house to preserve Mr. Tinker’s workshop and six large pecan trees, a challenge according to Brenda. The Tinkers once operated a fruit stand on the honor system; Brenda has planted a number of fruit trees, but don’t look for the fruit stand to reopen.

Brenda describes her home as a happy place that makes her smile. Both the front and the back of the house open to the outside via floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors. The 14-foot ceilings in the main part of the house and the white walls allow an abundance of light and show off the Ritz’s collection of colorful art including several pieces by local artist Ann Hardy. For the holidays, the house has a special “Christmas-tree house,” a large mirrored closet that opens to showcase the family tree, always decorated and waiting for the holidays.