The Secret Menu: The Coffee Drinks You Didn't Know Existed


The Sid Richardson
Shot of espresso smoked in a dome glass over mesquite wood. In the spirit of Texas businessman and philanthropist, Sid Richardson, the proceeds from this drink go toward a nonprofit organization.
Available at Vaquero Coffee Co.

Jamaican Joy Latte
Espresso with dark chocolate, coconut and rum-flavored syrups combined with steamed milk
Available at World Blend

Marshmallow Latte
Latte of your choice, topped with a toasted marshmallow
Available at BREWED

Off-menu Cappuccino
With honey, cinnamon and whole milk
Available at CRUDE Craft Coffee Bar

Red Eye
Brewed coffee with a shot of espresso
Available at Roots Coffeehouse

Rose Cream Latte
Rose and white chocolate with espresso and milk
Available at Vaquero Coffee Co.

Snickers Latte
Housemade mocha with caramel and hazelnut
Available at Dwell Coffee & Biscuits

Uncle Jesse
3 ounces of uncut cold brew, 1-ounce mocha, and half-and-half
Available at Craftwork Coffee Co.

Vanilla, half-and-half and espresso; each poured over a spoon to make layers
Available at Roots Coffeehouse

Vanilla Orange Cold Brew
Orange bitters, vanilla syrup, cream, cold brew
Available at Sons of Liberty Coffee

Iced matcha latte with lavender syrup
Available at Dwell Coffee & Biscuits

Tori's Treat
Iced Earl Grey tea with lavender and honey
Available at Craftwork Coffee Co.

-Research compiled by Rebecca Williams